", "Neither Lion Air nor Ethiopian Airlines had paid for that option. I disagree with the findings in two very specific ways: The Boeing 737 MAX is a redesigned version of the Boeing 737, which is the workhorse of many airlines globally. If a pilot cannot fly the airplane from takeoff to landing manually, then he isn't really a qualified pilot. The two plane crashes - one in Indonesia, the other in Ethiopia - that led to the worldwide grounding of Boeing 737 MAX 8 planes displayed similarities that linked them right away. The plane's return to the skies will not be immediate, however. The Boeing 787 project went over budget by $12-18 billion, with delays and unexpected costs as the culprits. Still, it is an important change for Boeing that was "shoved under the carpet". Fehrm says "The 737 is a Safe Aircraft" and this "chain of events will not happen again on an updated 737 MAX". With the max and computer error they just decided to be able to blame the pilots :( . By people who have probably never flown in an airplane. Had a few lines of code been properly placed, there would not have been two crashes or 20 months of grounding even though other safety features were needed. Here's the complete history of the plane that's been grounded since 2 crashes killed 346 people 5 months apart. The first crash killed 189 people, the second crash killed 157. CRASH OF BOEING 737 MAX FLIGHT, ROOT CAUSE ANALYSIS – CAPT AJIT VADAKAYIL. A congressman bluntly declared Wednesday that “pilots trained in the United States would have successfully been able to handle” the circumstances that led to two crashes of Boeing's 737 MAX. In October 2018 and March 2019, two fatal crashes of 737 MAX aircraft occurred due to software error in the MAX's Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System leading to a worldwide grounding of all 737 MAX aircraft. Hence the requirement for MCAS so that the aircraft can operate safely. American Airlines put out a statement that they would identify the MAX during booking, and that if you found yourself switched to one at the gate, they would accommodate you if you wanted a different aircraft. "We have not left anything to chance here. 450 aircraft are grounded worth about $45 billion. It would have been classified as a SIS (Safety Instrumented System) and with the hazard this high it would have used probably three AOA sensors, each of different type (to prevent a common mode failure) with 2oo3 (Two out of three voting) for any control action and at least two if not three processors (in case there was a failure with one processor). SOMEONE ASKED ME – REGARDING THE BEING 737 MAX CRASH , YOU HAVE WRITTEN THIS-QUOTE : A plane’s aerodynamic … The Pilot always has enough pitch control to fly the aircraft. Hard to build redundancy into a computerised system where workable management is dependent on every input and calculation being correct. The Boeing 737 Max has been grounded since March of 2019 after two aircraft crashes killing everyone on board. Boeing 737 Max: What’s Happened After the 2 Deadly Crashes ... See how MCAS may have helped cause the two crashes » ... Until the two crashes, the Max was Boeing’s most successful plane ever. On 10 March 2019, the Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircraft which operated the flight crashed near the town of Bishoftu six minutes after takeoff, killing all 157 people aboard. The report tentatively attributed the accident t… On March 13, 2019, the FAA temporarily grounded all Boeing 737 MAX 8 and MAX 9 aircraft. As per allegations, the new anti-stall system put in by Boeing in its jets might be responsible for the crash, as it overtook the manual control of the pilots as the angle of attack of the plane went out of control. The problem still needed to be fixed but these pilots were not properly trained to fly this plane. The Ethiopian Airlines jet went down less than five months after another 737 Max crashed in … The first crash killed 189 people, the second crash killed 157. Again QC issues slowing them down big time. Now the truth is that there is nothing wrong with the concept of an unstable aircraft (that's how military aircraft operate) and that's to a certain extent how Airbus aircraft function. One year has already passed since the crash of Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 737 MAX flight 302 killing 157 people on board on 10 March, 2019. In 2017, the 737 MAX entered service. Mish. Boeing’s troubled 737 MAX is expected to take flight again next week -- but in an apparent rebranding move, some airlines are already trying to hide the name. As Bjorn Ferhm said in his LNA piece, the 737 (airframe) is basically a safe aircraft with a 50 year history. Over 10,000 Boeing 737 aircraft fly around the globe, and the aircraft has had a successful safety record over 5 decades . The 737 MAX 8 has heavier and more fuel-efficient engines than prior editions of the 737, a change which causes the aircraft to pitch upwards ever-so-slightly after takeoff. Boeing is out $20 billion, not counting pending lawsuits. The first Boeing 737 Max crash was 2 years ago today. Regulators, airlines, and Boeing need to grapple with how much information pilots are given as systems become more complex. It is more fuel-efficient than the 737… The FAA certified the Boeing 737 Max on Wednesday. What caused the Boeing 737 Max to crash? And in June 2018, before the first crash, another Boeing engineering memo acknowledged that a slow reaction by the pilots, if they took 10 seconds to react instead of four, would be “catastrophic.” These memos produced no change to the design. It was the "culture of concealment" coupled with "grossly insufficient oversight by the FAA.". On 9 March, 2020, the interim report into the crash was released by the Ethiopian Aircraft Accident Investigation Bureau. The fatal airplane crash on Sunday involving a Boeing 737 MAX 8 operated by the Ethiopian Airlines has put Boeing’s twin engine jet series under intense scrutiny worldwide. After 20 months on the tarmac following two fatal crashes, Boeing's troubled 737 Max airliner has been given the green light to resume passenger flights, the Federal Aviation Administration announced Wednesday. A screw-like device found in the wreckage of the Boeing Co. 737 Max that crashed last Sunday in Ethiopia indicates the plane was configured to dive, a … More than 10 months later, nearly 500 MAX jets remain grounded, and orders for thousands more are in limbo. My experience in watching air crashes is, after a while, memory fades. Except, for most people, over time they drift into a deeper reverie, where the first reaction to an oncoming incident is over-reaction to something that has been ignored slightly too long. I describe the above in sufficient detail so we can understand how little in MCAS needed change to take it from a hazardous function to one that would have caused no trouble if wrongly triggered. Pilots need to be able to manually override any computerized control systems and also need to be able to trim the flight controls independent of the augmentation system. But instead the latest technology has been used. Nov 19, 2020. Investigators believe they know what caused an Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 737 MAX 8 to crash, leading to the deaths of the 149 passengers and eight crew members onboard. Happened with the DC1- and the Lockheed Electra, and earlier, with the British Comet. Two fatal crashes that killed a total of 346 people were caused by mistaken assumptions about “human-machine interaction” in the design of the aircraft, a Boeing executive has claimed.
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