While we were all sitting around joking that Dre will never drop an album again after the decade-plus wait for Detox, the Doctor had been busy in the lab. 2015 was a standout year for hip-hop. Standout features include underground rapper Bones on the marauding “Canal St.” and Kanye West on the soulful “Jukebox Joints.” With impeccable production and little filler, A.L.L.A is still on repeat, six months after its release. Dre spared no expense with this album, assembling a crew of all-stars and rookies. June 25, 2015. by Winston Cook-Wilson. — Michael Heal, While Lupe Fiasco delivered his fifth studio album Tetsuo and Youth in January, the LP remains one of the best rap albums of 2015. Game's concept and vision shines through on the second disc. — MvdS, It was never going to be the project we hoped for—after all, the mixtape came together in just 6 days. The substance lies in the process, and the result is more enjoyable than 95 percent of music released in 2015. With no prior announcement, the record managed to sell 495,000 copies — the best first week for a rap album in 2015. Sign in with. Credit is due to someone who can ascend their passion. While on their journey, the pair passes the time by listening to Logic’s The Incredible True Story in the year 2115. 1. With no Clams Casino behind the boards or spoon-fed hits like “Fuckin’ Problems,” Rocky delivered a sonic platter of dark, psychedelia-infused joints. — Theonlydjorkaeff, I Don't Like Shit, I Don't Go Outside clocks in at 29 minutes, just enough time for Earl Sweatshirt to retreat into the depths of his mind and unleash an LP packed full of raw lyricism: “I don't act hard, I'm a hard act to follow, nigga / Like it or not, when it drop, bet he gotta listen" he raps on standout “Grief." Updated hourly. 90059's street philosophy is evident on tracks like “Gumbo” and “Money Trees Deuce,” while Rock’s TDE brethren join him under the Black Hippy moniker on posse cut “Vice City.” Lyrics and perspective are Jay’s fortes and he brings both in abundance on this record. Styles. — Eon2323. No matter how your day is, you can always listen to good music: 1. Youth was stolen from my city that Summer and I’m left alone to tell the story. The difference this year was that the music demanded our undivided attention, and no project drove this point home as much as DS2, the shiniest purple diamond in the already-jewel-encrusted crown of 2015’s #futurehive. Originally billed as a DJ Drama, mixtape. That's really all that matters in the end. Available with an Apple Music subscription. Trump’s Partisan Pardon Bonanza: Can He Really Do That? A lot of the talk around Future this year focused on his impressive output: four full-length projects, two of which debuted at number 1 on the Billboard 200. It both silenced skeptics and galvanized Future’s fanbase, cementing his position at the center of the rap game and the top of the charts. Want more Rolling Stone? "Stunts, Blunts & Hip-Hop" announced Diamond D as one of the best producers on the mic. Kendrick Lamar's To Pimp A Butterfly follows his rise to fame and subsequent... 2. The result: his strongest project to date. Here’s a quickie – 25 Best Rap Songs of 2015. The MC from Pittsburgh held his own on every song, with clever punchlines like: “You put the ho in honest baby, so complicated” on the standout “100 Grandkids”. Over the next three years, Scott’s various features, production credits, and mixtapes would shape the sound of Rodeo. Meanwhile, “Alright” serves humanity, inspiring those fighting against social injustices. 13 Nov. … 14 news While Lupe Fiasco delivered his fifth studio album Tetsuo and Youth in... 3. Let us know in the comments. This sound was crafted with the help of fellow Houstonian Mike Dean and this year's Most Valuable Producer Metro Boomin to create a Mo City Yeezus. Sean’s wide sonic spectrum features a collection of high-profile guests, with mentor Kanye West appearing no less than thrice on the LP. Nine weeks later and the album has yet to leave the Top 3 of the Official Albums Chart, combined sales of the posthumous LP by the end of 2015 stood at 881,000. Three years after his debut album and subsequent incarceration. Summer of 2006, the beginning of the end of everything I thought I knew. New Releases. Quite often, he finds himself entrapped in a self-constructed mausoleum—and only here, does he begin to realize his own shortcomings—prompting self-reconciliation and the determination to apply what he’s learnt to the rest of his community. The year's most outstanding hip-hop music includes protest anthems, melodic coups, the return of grime to Stateside awareness and a Broadway soundtrack about a Founding Father. Donnie Trumpet & The Social Experiment -. — MvdS, It can be tough pinpointing The Game's personality on any one of his albums. One of his strongest ever vocal performance propels "From Adam" to another dimension, and his constant to-and-fro between gangland harmonizer and Blood soldier is a sight to behold. Dark, menacing synths and slab-rattling 808s on the opening track “Pornography” set the tone for the album as Travis acts as a conduit, morphing potentially overshadowing features from Migos, The Weeknd, Justin Bieber and others into songs that make up an album that is uniquely La Flame. Brad Terrence Jordan, born on November 9, 1970, better known as Scarface, is a American Rapper, music producer, and author. Lead single and highlight “Fuck Up Some Commas” doesn’t even show up until track 18 on the deluxe edition, but you don’t find yourself waiting for it to arrive. The enigmatic Scott emerged from the blogosphere in 2012 with almost industry plant level hype as a signee to both T.I’s Grand Hustle and Kanye West’s G.O.O.D Music. By Sketch the Journalist on January 5, 2016 at 9:00 AM. moving to London where he recorded the majority of the LP with newfound friend Joe Fox. Try it free. Much respect and love for Kendrick, a must own for any jazz/ hip-hop … Drake? The band, comprised of Donnie, Chance, Peter Cottontale, Greg Landfair Jr. and Nate Fox, delivered a unique, genre-bending album that we can’t get enough of. Alternative Rap Left-Field Rap Underground Rap. His voice is often lost among the bevy of top-class talent at his disposal. — Ezra Glenn, Originally billed as a DJ Drama, mixtape, If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late became Drake’s reported escape from Cash Money Records. In a project filled with lead singles, the stars aligned with three charting on the Billboard Top 100 and two, “No Flex Zone” and “No Type” became instant hits.
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