Height: The tunnel was then blocked again by a secondary shield before Star Fox could enter. After defeat, the Star Wolf's newest member, Panther Caroso, fell for Krystal and, in a moment of weakness, gave her the information the team was looking for. Star Fox celebrates her return, but Krystal is not so enthusiastic as of yet, retaining her bitterness and resentment towards Fox. Krystal is a vixen with blue and white fur and also has a long, blue tail wrapped around with bands. Blue/White Team Star Fox is together again, with the new addition of Amanda, Slippy's fiancee. Much of Krystal's early history remains unknown. Fox apologizes for his actions and asks her to rejoin Star Fox, and Krystal accepts him, reuniting the team. Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U, Star Fox Zero: DK/Prima's Official Strategy Guide, Pages using duplicate arguments in template calls, Star Fox Adventures (Instruction Booklet), http://sfc.krystalarchive.com/text/missionList.html, List of Super Smash Bros. series Trophies (Star Fox series), https://starfox.fandom.com/wiki/Krystal?oldid=55963. Krystal is a recurring character from the Star Fox series, first appearing in 2002's GameCube game Star Fox Adventures. The team quickly mobilized to go in and save Sauria, with Fox directing Falco and Slippy to the skies, and Krystal to the ground with him... much to her delight. Star Fox ventures to the planet, and after battling the device's guardian, a massive bioweapon, the team retrieves the device. NOTE: some findings were incorrectly listed as being for v1.01, when they were actually for v1.0. The natives of the planet (several dinosaur tribes and one mammoth tribe) and Krystal (a blue fox girl) speak in a language that was known as "Dino Language." Heartbroken, she left Fox's side and was not heard from again until the Anglar Army invaded Lylat. The CloudRunner then flew Krystal to the Krazoa Palace which had been overrun by the SharpClaw where she found many gravely injured EarthWalker warriors in the palace. Fox, disappointed, gave chase to the "god" using his Arwing. Slippy later confronted Krystal about how she had changed. and attacks opponents with her staff. The four ladies united to destroy the entire Anglar invasion force. The game was changed many times during early development before Rare settled on the eventual idea of an open worldadventur… Krystal helped her team destroy the Anglars and take the huge bounties off their heads. Gender: The game takes place on a planet called Dinosaur Planet. Krystal used her telepathic powers to find the villain Pigma Dengar and was shocked when she found that the Aparoid infection had caused Pigma to be absorbed into a massive robot. Fur: With aid from Falco Lombardi, Andross was defeated once again by Fox, and Dinosaur Planet was healed by the combined might of the six rescued Krazoa Spirits, putting the world back together again. Krystal, seeking answers concerning her parent's deaths and their home planet's destruction, she journeyed to the edge of Lylat System, where she came to Dinosaur Planet (later known as "Sauria") after receiving a distress call during her search. One day, Shigeru Miyamoto noted the similarities between Sabre and Fo… Krystal is capable of telepathy and is a valuable member in combat. Together, they destroyed the Anglar Emperor. Krystal finally got her ground mission with Fox when the two were sent to destroy a series of Aparoid hatchers. The following is a list of deaths in the Star Fox universe. Krystal and the team lamented that this may have just killed Peppy and R.O.B, but Fox gathered their morale, and proceeded to the tunnel, in their absence. The second message Fox recieved in Moon Mountain Pass. adventures anthro classic dinosaurplanet fox nintendo sauria saurian star starfox starfoxadventures krystalfox cooperation foxmccloud krystal fox_mccloud krystalstarfox Some cooperative action between my two favourite protagonists from the Star Fox Series, Krystal and Fox fighting back to back. While chasing down Oikonny's flagship through jungles on Fortuna's surface, Krystal demonstrated her telepathic abilities by quickly warning the team that Oikonny's forces are preparing an ambush when they arrived at his base. After some convincing from Falco and Slippy though, she realized that Slippy was right about her and Fox and forgave him. — Lucy Hare. Krystal was last seen asking Fox what would happen next. After successfully returning the Krazoa Spirits to the palace, Krystal was apparently brainwashed by the Krazoa Statue to send the six Krazoa Spirits into the statue, creating a "mighty Krazoa God". Saurian is a cipher language created for the game Star Fox Adventures. Fox confessed his feelings to Krystal there and she decided to rejoin the team. Landmaster Battle Mode is a battle mode corresponding to the Arwing Battle Mode. Several months after the defeat of the Anglar, Krystal made the decision to leave Fox for Wolf's team. This page was last edited on 7 September 2020, at 13:37. She serves as the team's telepathic advisor, additional fighter pilot, and she is also Fox McCloud's main love interest (although he is in competition with Panther Caroso, who is also infatuated with her). Reverse engineering notes for SFA. The spirit tasked Krystal with a test so that she may host the Krazoa, and the mission to collect the other five spirits. After becoming romantically involved with Fox, their relationship gets very rocky in Star Fox Command.GCN Star Fox AdventuresNDS Star Fox Command. — Krystal, "We ran out of dev time due to the looming Microsoft buyout so we had to wrap up the game and just focus on one final boss." She had made her way to Sector Z when she met up again with Fox, Falco, and Slippy. Krystal still acted cold toward her old team members, despite rejoining the team. In later games, the planet was called "Sauria." In the debris of the collapsed homeworld, Star Fox basked in the glory of victory, except for Krystal. Fox broke down and begged for her forgiveness and assistance. Krystal was originally native to the planet Cerinia, a planet outside of the Lylat System. After team Star Fox defeated the Anglars, they go their separate ways. The entire Star Fox team, and even Star Wolf, fought Aparoids at the Orbital Gate to defend it so it could send them to Aparoid City, while Beltino Toad finished work on a self-destruct program that can completely wipe the Aparoids from existence. Star Fox Adventures was originally developed on the Nintendo 64 by Rareware with the title, Dinosaur Planet, and was not intended to be a Star Fox title. From Lylat Wiki, your source on Star Fox information. Star Fox Adventures is a video game produced by Rare (the last on a Nintendo home console before leaving for Microsoft) for the Nintendo GameCube, and the oddball in the Star Fox series. Star Fox tracked Pigma to the Meteo Asteroid Belt, where they would grab that Core Memory from him once and for all. During the final invasion of Corneria by the Anglar, Krystal came to the aid of Lucy. Star Fox would destroy this Aparoid, along with whatever was left of Pigma's being, and recover the Core Memory. Character Background The team was dispatched there to locate a distress signal, and while Krystal wanted to assist Fox directly, she was instead ordered with the rest of the team to cover him with Arwing support. Team Star Fox is happy to celebrate, and Krystal finally drops her resentment to forgive and reunite with Fox. Krystal is a female protagonist in the Star Fox franchise. To destroy it, Peppy and ROB forced the Great Fox into the shield, giving the team a window to go through. Krystal was on Sauria when Fox found her and promised to spend the rest of his life with her. Krystal was the reason as to why Fox decided to leave the team after fighting the Anglar. Star Fox Team TelepathBounty Hunter (Possible) Fox quickly dispatched the creature and the group went to rejoin Peppy and ROB. Krystal briefly ran into trouble, but was rescued by Fox. With the help of a CloudRunner, she learned that the planet was being torn apart due to the results of the tyrannical General Scales. Shortly afterwards, the two are set upon by the General's flying galleon and Krystal's staff was shot from her hands. He finds her at Sector Z, which is overrun with Anglars, but they defeat them all, with the help of Krystal. Fox hoisted Krystal up and she proceeded to take her staff back, against Fox's wishes. Though Fox was initially reluctant to do this, when taking his first Spirit back to Krazoa Palace, Fox quickly became determined to save Krystal, once he saw her in person, still trapped inside the crystal. Krystal had truly loved Fox and, though unspoken, he returned her love. Homeworld(s): To everyone's surprise, Krystal appeared in the Great Fox to do it personally. Non-Canon: This story occurs if Krystal accepts Fox's apology on Katina. Once Fox had defeated General Scales, claimed his Krazoa, and released it into the palace, the Krazoa Spirits began to float around Krystal. Even though Krystal takes her staff back from Fox, it somehow reappears on his back when he returns to the Great Fox. December 17th, 2019. adventures code desync dolphin gameplay gecko glitch hack krystal mod nightcast renakunisaki star fox star fox adventures … On Venom, they destroy the Anglar Emperor, liberating Venom, and saving the Lylat System. Her name was Krystal, last survivor of the doomed world of Cerinia. Krystal is a beautiful blue vixen from the Star Fox franchise who hailed from Planet Cerinia, which she was forced to escape from when it was destroyed and loses her parents. Affiliation: Krystal's parentsFox McCloud (possible spouse)Marcus (possible son)James McCloud (possible father in-law) When Andrew Oikonny started a rebellion against the Cornerian Military, the conflict lead to a battle above the orbit of Fortuna, leading to General Pepper hiring the Star Fox Team to backup the Cornerian Fleet. So basically this story is my own version of Star Fox Adventures taking place on Cerinia, though it won't follow the Adventures plot line too closely. Star Fox Adventures the way it should have been! In the Lylat Cruise stage, Krystal appears as part of a conversation if Fox, Falco, or Wolf activate their smash taunt. Set in a fictional solar system known as the Lylat system, the game mainly follows adventures of the titular protagonist as he engages in aerospace combats against the forces of Andross. Later on, when walking through Moon Mountain Pass, Fox heard the echoes of Krystal's telepathic cries for help. Fortunately, Fox had been quick enough that he was able to stick Krystal's staff out fast enough for her to catch it. Her telepathic abilities were first seen when interacting with the native Dinosaurs on the planet Sauria, and putting her extra sensory perceptive foresight to good use during the Aparoid race's invasion of the Lylat System. When flying through stormy skies in search of the distress signal, they were attacked by the SharpClaw Galleon, causing Krystal's grip on her Staff to slip, and losing it. Then a Krazoa statue appeared in front of Fox to tell him he can rescue Krystal by returning the rest of the Krazoa Spirits. She is the first (and so far, only) female Star Foxpilot. In the aftermath that followed, Krystal sought to apologize to him for her actions and thank him for all of his help. Appearance(s) In Super Smash Bros. Some time later, the two are married and have a son named Marcus. Krystal, Fox, Falco, and Slippy followed Oikonny to the surface of Fortuna where they fought him controlling a mechanism with a similar appearance to Andross. They then entered her body and were shot out into the statue of the Krazoa. Team Star Fox is together again, with the new addition of Amanda, Slippy's fiancee. Doing this allowed an unknown entity, one that Krystal seemed to recognize, to imprison her in a large, crystalline mechanism. The other team members quickly saw that Fox was entirely smitten with her, especially after ROB unintentionally revealed his rising temperature and asks if he's okay. Fox later fought a giant Aparoid monster and Krystal helped him locate the weak point of the creature. After sending the Core Memory to General Pepper, Krystal interrupted his briefing to the team by highlighting a distress signal coming from Sauria. Her flight travel lead her to the outside of the sacred Krazoa Palace, where her CloudRunner left her to find the source of the distress signal. Age: Upon arriving at Dinosaur Planet, Krystal encountered and befriended one of the noble CloudRunners and immediately learned of the troubles of the planet's natives, and their continued peril at the hands of the tyrannical dictator General Scales]] and his brutish SharpClaw army. 19: Star Fox Adventures OST. Fox finds Krystal on Sauria and she forgives him. The two locked eyes and there was an immediate spark between the two. Ultimate, Krystal appears as an Assist Trophy. Krystal's first major mission with the Star Fox team began in Star Fox: Assault, about a year after the Sauria ordeal. Within the yearly gap between events, Krystal earned a placement on the Star Fox Team as the team's telepath and also the fourth pilot because of Peppy's retirement form active flight duty. Krystal worked with her former team members to destroy the Anglar Emperor. Do NOT edit this page unless you are given permission to do so. Krystal and Fox leave the party towards the end to talk. The team then responded to a distress signal from the planet Katina. After Andross, the true identity of the statue, was defeated and the Star Fox team reunited, Peppy told Fox about a message he had received from Krystal. Celebrations were brief however, as the team received a distress call from General Pepper, who told the team that Corneria, had been completely overrun by a colossal Aparoid armada. — Lee Schunemann, Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U, Sakurai answers some (old) questions– about Brawl! The team flew to Sauria as fast as possible only to find that any resistance had been wiped out. Sometime after the Aparoid invasions, Fox saying farewell to Krystal much as her depressed. When Fox goes to Katina to find Krystal, she at first ignores his transmissions. Although the events are unclear, the entire planet of Cerinia was reported to have been completely destroyed in an unknown disaster, in which Krystal's parents were killed and she was left as the only known survivor. Directed by Lee Schuneman. While travelling to Venom, Slippy confronts Krystal's attitude towards Fox, attempting to pull some of that bitterness away, and trying to get the Krystal that was kind and compassionate back. Emulator may needs to clear Just-In-Time compiler cache to enable code. Venturing deep inside the Palace interior, she found it was a sick and dying EarthWalker soldier to be the one who sent out the distress call. The CloudRunner managed to damage the airship greatly before Krystal jumped onto the ship itself. "I'll only join... if you'll kiss me." In Star Fox Assault, she wears a blue body suit that covers every part of her body except her head. Seconds afterward came a transmission from Peppy, the one they thought dead. Her official, canon path following the game's events is unknown. Star Fox is a spaceship shooter game series created by Nintendo.The games follow a combat team of anthropomorphic animals called Star Fox, led by chief protagonist Fox McCloud.Gameplay involves adventures around the Lylat planetary system in the futuristic "Arwing" fighter aircraft, in other vehicles and on foot. During celebrations, Star Wolf sends a message to Star Fox, revealing that Panther is deeply upset by Krystal leaving them. Krystal was also considered for a playable character, but due to time constraints, Wolf was added instead, as his moves are more similar to Fox's.[2]. The team sent the retrieved Core Memory to General Pepper, who told them they had located the Aparoid Homeworld. There, the team found the remains of Star Wolf's ships, but Krystal's powers told her that the three had escaped. 1.73 SM (approx) Cornerian ArmyStar Wolf Team (Possible team/Temporary) Unfortunately, her mission was cut short as she released the spirit into one of the Krazoa Shrines. It is unknown whether this was real or an illusion by Andross. For a while, she ignored this, but when the insults and accusations got bad, Krystal became depressed. She came to Sauria and resided there for some time and having caught on a telepathic call for help, Krystal decided to investigate. What would become Star Fox Adventures was initially developed by Rare as Dinosaur Planet, a Nintendo 64 game unrelated to the Star Fox series. Fox replied that he'll be just fine, as he and Krystal shared a smile to each other. The most popular belief is that Andross was in some way responsible for the destruction of Cerinia. Krystal followed her with the rest of the team and together, they destroyed the Queen's main body, leaving Fox to destroy what was left. While transmitting a system wide announcement of their victory, Wolf revealed Krystal as their new teammate. Krystal was forced to separate from them due to the acidity of the sea's waters. She launched the acid neutralizer into the Venom Sea and then followed her new team members to the Anglar base. Good-bye, Fox path. Along the way, Tricky poked fun at Fox saying that, when this was all over, he and Krystal could eventually come back on their honeymoon. Krystal is a blue female vixen in the Star Fox series. Early in the game, Krystal sees Andross and recognizes him right before being captured. After the Aparoids were defeated, Krystal and Fox stayed to look for Tricky, but Tricky already found them just after they started. First Playable Krystal Mod for Star Fox Adventures Released Since the very beginning, one of the Holy Grails of the Krystal fandom was the desire to play through Star Fox Adventures as Krystal. In both Smash 4 and Ultimate, Lylat Cruise returns as a stage, and Krystal's dialogue is retained during Fox, Falco, and Wolf's smash taunts. The game ends with the two staring into each other and Fox telling ROB he was perfectly fine. For Star Fox Adventures on the GameCube, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Krystal's underwear in this game" - Page 2. Fox decided to track her down. Krystal heard cheers for Wolf, Panther, and Leon, but not for herself. They quickly came to blows over their contrasting views on the morality behind Scales' ambitions of conquest, leading to Scales tossing Krystal over the side for a good laugh, but thanks to her returning CloudRunner friend, Krystal was able to escape, leaving the tyrant far behind to continue her search for the distress signal. It can be purchased as downloadable content for $4.99. The first was a message from within her staff which he had found in ThornTail Hollow. Her dreadlocks are blue, and she wears some braids and a tiara. Many years later, Kursed saw Fox again while hunting on the planet Kew. Main Game(s): Originally recorded and released by Mr. Krystal on Starfox-Online, it has now been re-released with additional notes at StarFox.org. They find her on Katina, and Fox urges her to rejoin the team, but Krystal insults him, revealing that she is now part of Star Wolf. Star Wolf would be labeled as heroes, and their bounty cleared, but Krystal would be labeled as a traitor, doomed to be harassed by locals, until she decides to leave Star Wolf to try and begin a new life as a bounty hunter, under the name "Kursed". The confrontation ended with Slippy in tears, while Krystal was silent, at least somewhat complicit with her attitude, still. After journeying through the palace, Krystal found a strange altar with an entity called a Krazoa Spirit. It is most likely because the animators may have forgotten to remove it. It was she that put them on the path to neutralizing the Venom Sea. This told him about the staff and how to use it. Krystal, Leon, and Panther met up with Wolf in the space above Venom. Team Star Fox is happy to celebrate, and Krystal finally drops her resentment to forgive and reunite with Fox. She also attacks by sending out Ice Blasts at the user's opponents. - Source Gaming, http://www.unseen64.net/2008/04/04/dinosaur_planet_n64/, http://www.unseen64.net/2009/07/17/starfox-adventures-gamecube-beta/, https://starfoxwiki.info/w/index.php?title=Krystal&oldid=88819, GNU Free Documentation License 1.3 or later, Krystal was originally to have had a much larger role in. Cerinia (birthplace)CorneriaSauria It wasn't long before the team found the ship and Pepper inside infected by the Aparoids. She helps in the battle at the Asteroid Belt against Emperor Anglar, and Star Fox takes him down, along with his remaining forces, saving the Lylat System once again. When Fox is called to aid the residents of the mysterious Dinosaur Planet, he finds help in the form of the mischievous Prince Tricky, and an enigmatic blue vixen with strange powers and a clouded past. 1 Star Fox 64 1.1 Notes 2 Star Fox: Adventures 3 Star Fox: Assault Granga - Blown up inside his mech by Fox. Unfortunately, she was captured by General Scales and, after a quick dialogue, was thrown overboard only to be saved by the CloudRunner. Unfortunately, Krystal only fared as far as retrieving the first Krazoa Spirit from the bowels of the temple. Fox destroyed the tower and saved Fichina. Since the release of the first title in 1993, the video game franchise has garnered a large online following, particularly within the furryfandom. Fortunately, Fox caught her before she could fall to her death, but before things could get chivalrous, Krystal took her staff back, and began shooting at the "mighty Krazoa God". This story occurs if Fox, Slippy, and Falco team up on Aquas. Fortunately for Krystal, the troubles around the Dinosaur Planet attracted the attentions of the Cornerian Federation, who hired the Star Fox Team to recon the events on the planet and prevent any explosions, as the entire Lylat System would be damaged. 2008-14 She made her official debut appearance in Star Fox Adventures, although she was originally intended to appear in the irrelevant game, Dinosaur Planet. Krystal first appears after she hears that Dinosaur Planet is in distress, and sets out to save it. At that moment, Slippy saw a flashing light that was the same as the one from the escape pod of the Great Fox. A heated exchange of fireballs then ensued between the galleon and the Cloudrunner, allowing Krystal to board the vessel. This is the most complete and highest quality Star Fox Adventures OST available, featuring 119 songs, jingles, and ambient tracks. Krystal is the main female protagonist of Star Fox Adventures, and one of the game's main goals is to free her from imprisonment. She was originally going to be a playable character in Dinosaur Planet and would have been a feline and relatively younger. After team Star Fox defeated the Anglars, they go their separate ways. Krystal is a beautiful, young blue vixen and a telepath from the long since deceased civilization of the planet Cerinia. Finally, the Krazoa God revealed himself to actually be Andross, Fox's arch-enemy. Krystal continues to push Fox away, but Fox presses his apology, eventually convincing her to give him another chance. While Falco and Slippy once again left Fox, Krystal started a new life in the Star Wolf squadron. After finding the second spirit and going to the Krazoa Palace for the first time, Fox first saw Krystal and instantly fell in love. After defending the gate from Aparoid missiles, Star Fox journeyed with the Cornerian Army to the Aparoid Homeworld to end the invasion once and for all. adventures amphibian blaster cover digital dinosaur female fox frog hare krystal lupine male palace rabbit sharpclaw starfox toad tricky vulpine krazoa fox… She appears in Super Smash Bros. Krystal initially sent this as a message, but then docked in the Great Fox to thank Fox and his re-assembled team in person. When the ship was destroyed by laser from an Aparoid, Krystal tried to sense its mind, but found its thoughts incomprehensible and was blasted by the creature. Welcome to the Lylat Wiki, all about the Star Fox series! She is a vixen with blue and white fur, and has telepathic powers. She had quit Star Wolf at an unknown time and reason and recruited Katt Monroe and Amanda on her way. Krystal first appears in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, where she appears as a trophy (based on her Assault appearance), three stickers based on her artwork from Star Fox Adventures, Star Fox: Assault, and Star Fox Command. Her eye color is green.In Star Fox Adventures, Krystal wore a loincloth, a bra, some jewelry, a necklace, and some tattoos are shown on her arms, legs, and abdomen.
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