Staff costs should include basic salary and on-costs for each member of staff involved and it should be made clear within the justification section what role each member of staff has within the context of the personal award application and the time they will spend on the award. Therefore, where appropriate, you should consider any industry collaborations you may wish to establish during the course of your Fellowship. If an applicant’s PhD costs exceed £4,407 (per annum on a full time basis), it is expected that the applicant’s host institution will cover any excess costs associated with the PhD fees. Please give details of the organisation who will be the contractor if the project is funded. E-Mail: Support post – training and development (Advanced only). %���� For Round 4 of the Fellowships Programme (April 2020), the NIHR Academy will be partnering with the following industry partners: At doctoral level, opportunities will be available to propose research in the area of chronic pain, commonly known as persistent pain. The majority of awards will still be researcher led, i.e. It is a two-way process that may be challenging for both parties. Relevant previous research experience and/or training suitable for undertaking a PhD in applied health or social care research. It is important that applicants propose to make a significant contribution to the research literature on knowledge mobilisation as well as to the practice of knowledge mobilisation. Where appropriate applicants are encouraged to read the MRC complex interventions guidance available here: If an allegation of plagiarism is raised against an application this will be investigated in accordance with the NIHR Academy’s policy on plagiarism, a copy of which is available on request from Application Type. Q. Q. These are costs of an institution’s research resources which can be charged to the research on the basis of estimated use, rather than actual costs. Do you fund the development and/or evaluation of outcome measures, questionnaires or surveys (e.g. It is recognised that NIHR Advanced Fellowships award funding for salary, but that the scale of the awards cannot always support the research costs of a large clinical study. They should comprise: I)  Details of posts and salaries. Careful thought should be given to a) the experience of your chosen supervisors, b) maintaining contact, and c) the potential for difficulties of communication and conflicting opinions and advice when there are more than two supervisors. For further details, The ‘Host Organisation Support Statement’ completed by the Head of Department, The contractor is expected to respond to annual financial reconciliation exercises, provide the final financial reconciliation statement for the project and to provide ad hoc requests for financial information during the lifetime of the project, In the same way, the contractor is expected to respond to any queries relating to Intellectual Property, commercialisation and benefit realisation. Quality and relevance of the academic training proposed. The justification box should detail the conferences the costs will cover. The National Research Foundation (NRF) and the Department of Science and Innovation (DSI) are pleased to announce the provisional awards for the Extension Scholarship for Masters and Doctoral Studies in 2020. You will be able to insert the same research proposal that was submitted for stage 1 of the EME application. From 1 July 2020, it is required to top up the salaries of new doctoral students with a scholarship to the lowest salary level (standard rate), which may not be lower than this. If you would like to discuss this further in relation to your personal circumstances please get in touch with the NIHR using the details provided above. Information and resources to assist you can be found on the INVOLVE website (a detailed definition of patient/service users, carers and public involvement in research, briefing notes for researchers on how to involve patients and the public/service users, carers and an involvement cost calculator and budgeting guide). No, you will need to decide which fellowship you are going to apply to. Staff employed by a Higher Education Institution (HEI) are funded at 80% of cost and staff employed by NHS, social care, commercial or other partner organisation at up to 100% of cost. For the Advanced Fellowship the application will be the same process as other applications with the exception of the research proposal. Government procurement transparency regulations require the publication of all contracts made with the DHSC to be made available on the DHSC website. In partnership with your local R&D office, we encourage you to involve your local CRN team in discussions as early as possible when planning your study to fully benefit from the support the NIHR CRN offers as outlined in their Study Support Service. We would encourage all applicants interested in applying for an NIHR Charity Partnership Fellowship to contact the NIHR Academy in the first instance to discuss their application and answer any questions. Enter the total amount of NHS support and treatment costs or external (not NHS) intervention costs associated with this proposal. All costs in this section will be funded at up to 100% for HEI, NHS and Commercial/Other Partner organisations. Doctoral Research Fellowships (DRFs), Post-Doctoral Fellowships (PDFs), Transitional Research Fellowships (TRFs), Career Development Fellowships (CDFs), Senior Research Fellowships (SRFs) or Clinician Scientist). Please also select the duration of award between 2 and 5 years WTE. Individuals previously granted an NIHR Knowledge Mobilisation Fellowship or an NIHR Knowledge Mobilisation Research Fellowship are ineligible for funding through this scheme. Contracts. As a national advisory group, its role is to bring together expertise, insight and experience in the field of public involvement in research, with the aim of advancing it as an essential part of the process by which research is identified, prioritised, designed, conducted and disseminated. Please note that this section also includes ‘Shared Staff Costs’ which is located under directly allocated costs in some other funders’ applications. This should cover both the training you may need to undertake the research being proposed but also training designed to support your development as a future health\social care research leader. It is helpful to involve patients/service users/carers/members of the public in developing a plain English summary. Social care research is also eligible for CRN support. The NIHR Academy Executive will consider overseas research visits on an individual basis and reserves the right to limit expenditure. Where relevant, NIHR will make an estimated maximum contribution of £4,407 per year, based on Research Council UK 2020/21 published PhD fees. Please note; when completing the application form, you are advised to validate your application as you go. During the course of your project and throughout review and publishing phase you may choose to submit an article based on your research to an Open Access publication. Please seek advice from your finance department about the appropriate cost for this section. The NIHR Academy uses an adapted version of the NIHR Standard Application Form (SAF), which comprises of 2 stages. Please click the check box to confirm you agree to the Terms and Conditions of submission as detailed on the application form. <> For applicants who haven’t been awarded their PhD or MD, their primary supervisor will be required to be added to the application form as a participant to confirm that the thesis has been submitted for examination. Relevant previous research experience and/or training suitable for undertaking the research described within the application. For Advanced applicants this is peer review by external experts, and if successful at this stage will proceed to an interview by the review Panel, If you are successful in being selected for interview, you will be invited to Leeds to be interviewed by the review Panel. will be stored separately from your application, only be used for the purpose of monitoring equal opportunities, Development and Skills Enhancement Award: 1 year max regardless of WTE, Bearing in mind you are able to apply for a 2nd Advanced Fellowship after being successful with the first, the ‘clock’ will be reset after you are successful. INVOLVE is funded by the National Institute for Health Research, to support active public involvement in NHS, public health and social care research. project design, project management, day to day running, data collection, data analysis, writing papers for publication, etc.). Doctoral Fellowship applicants can request up to 20% be allocated and Advanced Fellowship applicants can request up to 40% be allocated. If you have worked part time at 60%, and undertook research for half of that time, please enter 30% for that position. If your application for funding is successful, the summary will be used on the NIHR and other websites. This may be from an area of basic science or non-health related research into a research area within NIHR’s remit.
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