The Zionists (Khazars) step in again, offering him money on condition he did what they told him, ie. Les humbles veillent. IMO, the movement has already resulted in several benefits: The ball is now in the government’s court. The French have had it for decades with taxes all over the place for one, and for having no say in anything in general. There sure is plenty of misery. Menu et widgets Everything is now exposed. there is one human species and it is Black from its origins and remains so in foundation in all aspects of life…ALL! what is there to fear when you know your enemy is going to kill you anyway, heartlessly, ruthlessly, that he see you as thrash. Tout le reste est une «théorie du complot». The People in yellow jackets may be the Archimedes lever that lifts the yoke of the EU and US hegemony from the nation of France. They financed both world wars as well as the Russian “revolution”. at the very least we know that the way the worlds business is done must change to a democracy, possible at this stage of human evolution… or humanity will realize consequences that most likely eliminates us by war, industrial pollution etc., or enslaves us all, which would surely lead soon after to the same our own hand – the hands of our current elites, combined with the reticence to act by people such as those in these pages here who know, but hold right here in endless discussion. Le chaos du monde ne naît pas de l'âme des peuples, des races ou des religions, mais de l'insatiable appétit des puissants. The scandals with Macron’s close and personal assistant Benalla and the way they were “handled” showed in a crude light that we have a greedy incompetent liar for president. The above link shows only the text ot the sign to be fake-photoshopped or addition to the original photo. Saker, the health and well-being of your family goes first imho. We all use them to transmit knowledge. Russians are the dumbest idiots on the planet! Seine westlichsten Vorkommen liegen in Österreich und in Ungarn, nach Osten hin erstreckt sich das große Verbreitungsgebiet dieser Art bis in den Osten der Mongolei. Dans l’Union Soviétique de Staline, certains camarades étaient encore plus égaux que d’autres. We have something called a “revolution” (we all now know that most so-called revolutions are just bankster wheezes); we have a colour (hello Soros? Praktisch ohne Startkapital mit geliehenem Geld von Freunden und Familie, aber mit professioneller Erfahrung und mit großer Entschlossenheit und großem Verlangen nach Erfolg, ist es in kürzester Zeit gelungen, eine angesehene Gesellschaft auf dem Gebiet der Verarbeitung von Eisen- und Nichteisenmetallen aufzubauen. as long as an inclusive rubric for Bankster.. exists in total power, human society will ultimately look and function like like Huxley’s nightmare. All the citizens have the right of contributing personally or through their representatives to its formation. Some say they will not settle for anything less than the president’s resignation. Three is all you need tops. Plus, special interests gained loopholes by hiding them in referendums with great titles, but long & complex language. the Earth has been raped, its an on-going rape. The infuriated Edward Ist sent them to the Tower of London, where he had them executed for treason. If the French bourgeoisie seized the power in 1789 they did not seem very good at holding on it since they had to do the job all over again in 1830. It all started on November 17 when tens of thousands of people took to the streets across the country to protest against rising fuel prices. In one of the 12 scenarios, the authors modeled a world system “producing nuclear power, recycling resources, and mining the most remote reserves; withholding as many pollutants as possible; pushing yields from the land to undreamed-of heights; and producing only children who are actively wanted by their parents.” Nevertheless, the authors wrote, “the result is still an end to growth before the year 2100. I have no idea to where they’re being led, but it aint gonna be for their benefit. The difference is that here, unlike the Stockholm bank robbery of 45 years earlier where the hostages were facing either brutal murder, successful release, or a triumphant bank robbery with no financial benefits for themselves Westerners correctly sense that without the banksters’ stranglehold on the World’s oppressed countries and peoples, the West will enter instant tailspin. Saker translation in English-French dictionary. Anonius Sinks refer to the capacity of the planet to absorb pollution of its soil, air, and water, and, most ominously, the capacity of its atmosphere to absorb carbon. Warburg Bank of Hamburg 1.2K likes. It encompassed wider anger and frustration against the political establishment in general and President Macron in particular. Gelegentlich brütete und brütet die Art auch in Deutschland. the story of the filiation of the ethnic branches of humanity is also clear. there is prosperity ahead for all in global in mutually beneficial and non-corrupt trade/financial relations between democratic states and peoples..aided by the scientific/technological revolution, which while a threat in capitalism would be a benefit in the hands of the people who would be able to introduce new technology while reconciling its results beneficially for the state or nation, for their own survival ordinary Euros must wean themselves of imperialism and ill-gotten resource, bell their elites and move on in popular democracy. The reality of change is what it is. The French people should be careful that they aren’t being controlled by a false opposition. The Essential Saker IV: Messianic Narcissism's Agony by a Thousand Cuts, The Essential Saker III: Chronicling The Tragedy, Farce And Collapse of the Empire in the Era of Mr MAGA, Donald Trump: “This may be the most important speech I’ve ever made….”,,,,,,, Moderation Policy (UPDATED April 4th, 2020), Entry of our Most Holy Lady Theotokos into the Temple, Hyperinflation, Fascism and War: How the New World Order May Be Defeated Once More. Fortunately he was made a fool of for that extreme foolishness. They try to fool people into thinking that by changing their appearance they have actually changed their destructive agendas. Aber auch weil wir nicht a la americaine ticken; hier geht es um Inhalte, menschlich wie redaktionell. The same guillotine that on 9 Thermidor executed 45 anti-Robespierrists executed, in the following three days, 104 Robespierrists, inaugurating a brief “White Terror” against Jacobins throughout France. No. they demanded that he become their political pawn. The French are in the streets to show that they are fed up with the present system, whose dire results have been apparent since the 80’s. Today, every age is affected, from students to retired people, every class, from unemployed to small businessmen. With noun/verb tables for the different cases and tenses links to audio pronunciation and … Anonymous s r.o. stating the case, its obvious resolution in capitalist hell… the Saker can explode into activism pushing, exploring, developing paths, codifying results and potentials, along the only solution and path for the people: to rise and take over society, creating democratic forms as they go, forms that meet all need, address all problems, correcting as they go when flaws appear. The woman’s head in the foreground is even worse — strange things going on with that (her) left ear :D. People need to start getting wise to being manipulated. Un groupe de citoyens francophones qui désire faire partager au public francophone des analyses venues du monde entier et exprimées dans d'autres langues. My study shows a third favored severing relations with England, a third favored maintaining and a third neutral…. Accept the salary, or employers may move on to the next person on the line. The Rothschilds control Macron. The real motivation for the ‘Revolution’ was because: 1. See more of Le Saker francophone on Facebook. As soon as January starts, the government will have to show its seriousness about political talks. Apparently the protesters are not buying any accusation that they are Putin stooges. This and also the relentless warfare from without by the Western capitalist imperialists by means if economic pressures, invasion, hot and cold wars and propaganda like the myths of the “invisible hand of the freemarket” and “trickledown, supplyside economics.” Now just like their comrades in Russia, China and Cuba, France is now majority socialist! Larchmonter445 Continuer la lecture de L’Égalité, le péché originel originel, Par Moon of Alabama − Le 24 novembre 2020. », Continuer la lecture de Bill Gates et la coprophagie mondialiste. Mit Flexionstabellen der verschiedenen Fälle und Zeiten Aussprache und relevante Diskussionen Kostenloser Vokabeltrainer Israel Moses Seif Banks of Italy Never the less, the subject was constantly on the table. Very happy to be a person who chose clean, whole, firm almost all my life. Also notice some dark areas that haven’t been correctly erased. Aujourd’hui, le scientifique nucléaire iranien de haut niveau, Mohsen Fahrizade, a été assassiné dans une attaque terroriste complexe alors qu’il conduisait sur une autoroute à Absard, une petite ville juste à l’est de Téhéran. For the 3rd and 4th acts, the government decided to change its strategy by trying to forbid the protesters to reach the gathering points. The Zionist agent was George Washington, a freemason in Rothschils pay. We need to be more angry. The yellow vests in France have already succeeded because as said by French Saker, “the french have regained confidence in their power as a population”. The right ear (her left ear) has a bit of the guy’s yellow vest in front of her hair but behind her ear, which does not compute. It must be the same for all, either that it protects, or that it punishes. no one here as far as I have seen ever states the obvious as I have tried to do: there is no alternative but for society to evolve into popular democracies..ownership of society as a whole by the people for the people. it is not that they can or will leave us alone if we sit down quietly and make no trouble for them. LE SAKER FRANCOPHONE | Le chaos du monde ne naît pas de l'âme des peuples, des races ou des religions, mais de l'insatiable appétit des puissants.Les humbles veillent. In fact, it would be surprising if there were not. as the human story is codified into its unified origins and development and the world meets itself by modern communications and transport, the world is slowing getting back together, understanding itself and dispelling the myths of capitalist racist social division and separation of peoples for plunder. The global capitalist plantation had already reached its limits with the financial crash of 2008 and the great recession. Goldman, Sachs of New York Very interesting. The intensity of the protests quickly forced the government to make a U-turn and first suspend and later permanently shelve its plans for fuel tax increases. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Meadows and his team used World3 to examine growth trends worldwide that had prevailed from 1900 to 1970, extrapolating from the data to model 12 future scenarios of global development and its consequences, projected out to the year 2100. Yes, this does remind us of what is happening in the world today. this blog has been in existence for some time doing good work. Since then, France is well known for being a country of strikes and demonstrations, often unfruitful. Ah, we need to mention the Jacobin role in French revolution: et aussi pour la relecture en Français, Le Saker US where do the Rothschilds live..don’t they walk on the streets and go about living like everyone else? After that they changed masters and were placed under Rotschilds control. That one failed. So how did day-to-day frustrations about fuel prices and “green taxes” transform into a nation-wide protest movement attracting hundreds of thousands of people in a matter of weeks? Capitalism is the most serious at this moment in time. Russia and China, which explains the current animosity towards both countries. But, in their strategy, they forgot that smartphones can record the police mischiefs, making them viral on social media, as it showed that the violence came from the police and the government, and not from the protesters. 1.9K likes. You agree not to use the Service in order to post, upload, transmit or otherwise disseminate information of any material that infringes the copyright, trademark, patent, trade secret, or other right of any party. and as for race/ethnicity that too appears to have been resolved. Please share thank you Oktober 2016 um 11:38 Uhr Danke, für die viele Arbeit die Sie in dieses Projekt hier stecken. It says: The law is the expression of the general will. Garden? They should be readily available. they can simply act! Your logic based on Critical Thinking (Analysis and Synthesis), it is your ability that turns premises into conclusions. 3. There are French artillery batteries and special forces inside the Kahar oilfield in the east of Mayadin district of Deir-ez-Zor. Ce site est une émanation du Saker US mais avec notre propre sensibilité francophone. Just after the presidential election comes the choice for the legislative assembly. Nous sommes tellement différents que seule une tyrannie de fer, comme celle de Staline, peut créer une piètre et cruelle apparence d’égalité. But this isn’t a one way street, employers also compete among themselves and employees can also move on to another employer(or start their own business).The immigration thing is an American(and European?) Learn your terminology and what words mean. The U.S. state of California provides a cautionary look at referendum based direct creation of laws and constitutional amendments. This is the most important part of true democracy: “people having power to remove the enemies of the people and not having to wait for changes that never come”. We can observe much more women participating too. there is no kind of life we can live, no choice we can make that will save us ultimately from the Banksters. Le Saker francophone. Cookies help us deliver our services. Europe if it wants a future of any decency and success has a choice to make..before it is made for them. The government mistakenly ignored the success of the protest thinking that it will, as the previous ones have, quickly fade. Wealth in it’s most fundamental form is labor, isn’t that already divided pretty evenly among nine billion people?Unless you know a rich man with four arms. proven cases could be made in every country to prove Rothschild centuries long crime spree against humanity and arrest warrants issued. they are bound to succeed, as no backtracking is possible on that matter. The Essential Saker IIIEPub and PDF FREE DOWNLOAD, Click on the icon for an explanation of the feast of the Entry of our Most Holy Lady Theotokos into the Temple. Until now, they would talk about it mostly in private. I hope they achieve this: The latest news is that Sweden is facing a civil war. The next step is the American “revolution”. L’administration Trump a tenté de blâmer la Chine pour la pandémie de SRAS-CoV-2. Suchen. as the people develop that same in understanding of our social organization, clarity and urgent need as the capitalist fail deliberately to create catastrophes that would allow them the room they need to deepen draconian control of society for their Brave New World purposes, the people in revolutionary action to deal once and for all with capitalism.. will move faster in ending separatist tactics like racism/racial superiority, coming to grips with nature as the true template of life not Bibles and written constitutions, but nature and the real coordinates of indefinite human survival. Because in order to retain our humanity in the face of limits, we would have to confront inequality head on.
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