Sign up for our newsletter to get real advice from real experts. The Canon EOS 500 (EOS Kiss in Japan, EOS Rebel XS in North America) is a consumer-level 135 film single-lens reflex camera, produced by Canon of Japan from September 1993 until 1996 as part of their EOS system. View and Download Canon EOS 500 instructions manual online. If it looks substantial, we’ll gladly re-test a product to try and reproduce these results. Yellow Hibiscus, 6:05 PM, 01 September 2020. Rear Lens Dust Cap RF (p/n 2962C001), included. This rates what percentage of shots are perfectly sharp, not how sharp are all the frames: I see four stops of real-world improvement. ET-83F (WIII), part number 3793C001, included. Canon EOS 600D, EF-S18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS, 24 mm, 1/500 s, f/14, ISO 100 Image data 13.3 mpx, 4255 × 3114 px (300 dpi: 360×264 mm, 150 dpi: 721×527 mm) , ≈11:8, 10.4 MiB The camera has multiple 4K recording modes, each designed to fit into existing cinema and television standards, and its inclusion of various 2K recording options helps people ease their way into a full transition over to 4K. Now manual focus override works if you turn the ring while continuing to hold the shutter halfway, but only after focus locks in ONE SHOT. People want lighter lenses, so this is how Canon did it, and so your fingers won't stick to it in the cold. I'd also get it at Adorama, at Amazon or at Crutchfield, or eventually used at eBay if you know How to Win at eBay. The 4K footage I saw on display was breathtaking. You can't use two converters as you sometimes can with EF lenses and their converters. These cameras, which were on display at the National Association of Broadcasters convention in Las Vegas, have the ability to record 4K digital video—in addition to executing anything that the C300 models are capable of. Super sharp and super flexible. How‑To Full-Frame (24 × 36mm) and APS-C (16 × 24mm). I always use the 200-500mm range (on Nikon you'd have to buy an extra lens just to cover 200-500mm), and I never miss the small 70-100mm range. Macro performance is excellent. Canon LZ1328 padded, zippered nylon case, included. The only question is if you already own, or decide instead to get, the also also superb 100-400mm L IS II, to which I have a detailed comparison above. Canon EOS R5, Canon RF 100-500mm L IS USM at 500mm wide-open at f/7.1 hand-held at 1/500 at Auto ISO 100 (LV 14.6), Perfectly Clear. The frame rate options for recording video on the C500 are astounding. If this 1,200 × 900 pixel crop is about 12" (30cm) wide on your screen, the complete image would print at a mammoth 55 × 82½â€³ (1.4 × 2.1 meters) at this same extremely high magnification! I'd also get it at Adorama, at Amazon or at Crutchfield, or eventually used at eBay if you know How to Win at eBay. It features a high-speed selectable 3-point autofocus system with A1 Focus for improved performance. Speaking of audio, the C500 has no built-in microphone, but it does feature a 3.5mm mic jack and can be expanded to include two XLR inputs on the external monitor attachment. bigger or camera-original © JPG file. Upon release, Canon expects to retail the C500 for around $30,000, and just like the C300 camera, the C500 will be available with either a PL or EF lens mount system. The EOS C500 is available with an EF or PL lens mount, but you must make the choice before you purchase. Facile à utiliser et totalement déverrouillable pour les plus pointu. Stops down to f/32 ~ f/51 if you need it for depth-of-field, but be careful as diffraction softens all lenses at these nutty apertures. All rights reserved. bigger or camera-original © JPG file. The EOS C300 and C300 PL models were both announced at the event, and the crowd went wild. Panasonic Reveals 4K Camcorder, 4K TV, and High Quality... Kodak's Super 8 Camera Brings Film Back Into Focus, Sony Unveils Action Cam, Three Camcorders at CES 2016. I see four stops of real-world improvement. The C500 isn’t even the only 4K camera or camcorder at NAB this year: JVC has its GY-HMQ10 camcorder that was unveiled at CES and Sony has its new NEX-FS700 as well. CINE-SERVO 25-250mm T2.95-3.95. Canon claims it “collaborated with some of the most respected names in the industry” in order to ensure its 4K/2K output terminals would work with existing digital recording units, as well as portable external monitors and color grading systems. I only use a cap when I throw this in a bag with other gear without padding — which is never. Correction factor with uncorrected images. Actually it has a definite tan or yellow tone to it; it's not neutral gray white. The Hoya HD3 stays cleaner than the others since it repels oil and dirt, and will outlast this lens. pour la consommation des piles None on lens, but there is a rubber bumper on the front of the hood. Canon EOS R5, Canon RF 100-500mm L IS USM at 500mm wide-open at f/7.1 hand-held at 1/1,000 at Auto ISO 100 (LV 15.6), exactly as shot. The 4K workflow solutions offered by Canon seem well thought out, but they are certainly expensive. It has no distortion at all at 100mm, and only minor pincushion distortion from 135mm to 500mm. The only limitation to picture sharpness is your skill as a photographer. If I want soft backgrounds, I shoot at 500mm. New The frame rate options for recording video on the C500 are astounding. 6 UD extra-low dispersion elements, which help reduce secondary axial chromatic aberration. Et franchement, cette EOS 500 était bien. These cautions aside, this lens is ultra sharp. A mechanical lockout only lets the lens zoom from 300mm to 500mm with a teleconverter. There are no 90º clicks; look at the marks on the collar and the nearly invisible indent on the lens. Le Canon EOS 500D est livré avec une impressionnante suite de logiciels pour traiter ses fichiers. Home The switches are in the same spots as other Canon lenses. I'd much prefer the ultra-close focus. EOS 500 film camera pdf manual download. Canon EOS R5, Canon RF 100-500mm L IS USM at 270mm wide-open at f/5.6 hand-held at 1/320 at Auto ISO 200 with -0.3 stops of exposure compensation (LV 12.4), Perfectly Clear. The zoom ring is a traditional mechanical zoom. Pick one, and you're done. I got an Echo Dot 3—now how do I set it up. Additionally, you can simultaneously record an MPEG-2 HD proxy video at 50Mbps to CF cards inserted in the C500’s dual memory card slots. © 2020 Warning: The in-camera image stabilization of the EOS R5 and EOS R6 can make the picture softer around 1/500 of a second because camera firmware versions 1.1.0 doesn't know this lens yet. The cameras I got my hands on at NAB were prototype models, but they were still functional cameras. IS section. Spherochromatism, also called secondary spherical chromatic aberration or "color bokeh," is an advanced form of spherical and chromatic aberration in a different dimension than lateral chromatic aberration. I can stack at least three regular 77mm filters and still have no vignetting on full frame. Ken Rockwell® is a registered trademark. Falloff is completely invisible with the camera's default peripheral illumination correction left on, and I've greatly exaggerated this by shooting a gray field and placing these on a gray background: Canon RF 100-500mm falloff, default correction ON. If you've gotten your gear through one of my links or helped otherwise, you're family. Accueil. If you need to get to 500mm, you have to buy this lens anyway, so you can skip the RF 70-200/2.8. It goes away as stopped down. Not on lens, but may be displayed in-camera. After all, peer reviews are a critical part of any scientific process. "Extender" is Canon's word for tele extender; they're the same thing. Canon eos 500; shadowcat7 6. Books I use a clear (UV) protective filter instead of a cap so I'm always ready to shoot instantly. Search I can't recall seeing any other lens this sharp wide-open: 1,200 × 900 pixel (10× magnification) crop from above. The UV filter never gets in the way, and never gets lost, either. L'une des nouveautés attendues du Canon EOS 500D reste bien sûr le mode vidéo Full HD en 1920x1080 pixels. Check your order, save products & fast registration all with a Canon Account 100% U.S.A.-based high-quality technical support at (800) OK-CANON. Canon eos 500 is an auto focus film camera for anyone that wants to start shy with film photography with low budget, or anyone who have inherited it from his dad and anyone who is given it as a gift ! Prime Lenses; Sumire Prime Lenses; Zoom Lenses; Compact Zoom Lenses; CINE-SERVO Lenses; COMPACT-SERVO Lenses; 4K Reference Displays Get smarter about what you're buying. The 100-500mm weighs less. Canon also calls it the RF100-500mm F4.5-7.1 L IS USM. Pour comparaison, le 550D, la … Thanks for helping me help you! It is mostly plastic on the outside, and plastic with plenty of metal on the inside. Optical Image Stabilization (OIS, IS or VR (Vibration Reduction)) works great, as I expected. I got mine at B&H. Mild to moderate clunking from the IS group flopping around. bigger. Disclaimer: The following review of the Canon EOS R5 mirrorless camera and Canon EOS RF 100-500mm F4.5-7.1 telephoto lens is not a technical review, it is a hands-on “here’s how it feels, shoots and performs” kind of review with lots of sample images. These cards can only be used to store regular HD video, or to store proxy video for editing 4K content with an offline non-linear editing system. I'd also get mine at Adorama, at Amazon or at Crutchfield, or used at eBay if you know How to Win at eBay. If you already own the 100-400mm L IS II, there isn't much point of buying this one because they both work equally well, and if you're buying new, the question is do you prefer lighter weight and 500mm range (this lens), or sturdier build and better compatibility with teleconverters (the 100-400mm L IS II). I leave it on SMOOTH (loose); you can set it to TIGHT if for some reason you're on a tripod and your zoom setting is creeping. bigger or camera-original © JPG file. Ultra-close focusing may let you skip carrying a separate macro lens. Reviews If not, the values below correct it later in Photoshop's bigger. It replaced the earlier EOS 1000FN and sat in the lower portion of the EOS range, it was superseded by the EOS 500N. But the fact that Canon decided to embrace 4K recording this year is hugely significant. Recommendations are independently chosen by Reviewed’s editors. bigger. Canon EOS R5, Canon RF 100-500mm L IS USM at 500mm wide-open at f/7.1 hand-held at 1/640 at Auto ISO 100 (LV 15.0), exactly as shot. If you turn off the Digital Lens Optimizer, you are then offered à la carte ON/OFF options for Chromatic Aberration Correction and Diffraction Correction — at least on my EOS R5, EOS R6 and EOS RP. Login; Create an Account. Mom against the Desert, 4:28 PM, 02 September 2020. bigger or camera-original © JPG file. The texture you're seeing is on the watch face. There's only so much room for so many rings, and thus the programmable control ring is so far back that I have to move my hands to use it, making it less useful to me. Il ne faut pas avoir de trop grandes mains pour que chaque doigt trouve une place mais sa poignée creusée offre une bonne préhension. Jeremy is the video expert of our imaging team and's head of video production. If you’re dying to get your hands on the C500 you’re going to have to wait a few months anyway. No big deal now that I figured it out. This is excellent. Tous droits réservés. Just like the C300 before it, the EOS C500 looks impressive, and the 4K footage I saw on display at Canon’s booth at NAB was breathtaking. I see three to four stops of real-world improvement. Sliding plastic access hatch for rotating filters. The camera has multiple 4K recording modes, each designed to fit into existing cinema and television standards. To make the camera more versatile, Canon includes two options for recording 4K. Palms, 8:07 AM, 15 September 2020. ... le bouger peut être compensé par une optique sur une image fixe au 500 e de seconde, ... Canon EOS 600D. That’s where the company unveiled its new line of Cinema EOS cameras: DSLRs designed exclusively for video production. It focuses to arm's length, even at 500mm, which lets this lens replace traditional 70-200mm lenses. Even if you go out of your way and turn off the correction and then go looking for falloff, it's also invisible in actual photos, and only maybe visible at the largest apertures. This is a great do-it all telephoto. If this 1,200 × 900 pixel crop is about 3" (7.5cm) wide on your screen, the complete image would print at 9¼ × 9¼ " (25 × 25 cm) at this same magnification. The sensor on the C500 is an 8.85-megapixel CMOS chip that Canon describes as “equivalent to Super 35mm film.” According to Canon, the CMOS sensor in the C500 is the same as the sensor in the C300, but the C500 utilizes it differently in order to record 4K video. 3.69" ø maximum diameter × 8.17" extension from flange. That said, Canon clearly put its energy into making 4K recording accessible to users of the C500. These are all shot hand-held as NORMAL JPGs; no tripods, FINE JPGs or RAW CR3 files were used or needed. "Percent Perfectly Sharp Shots" are the percentage of frames with 100% perfect tripod-equivalent sharpness I get when I'm shooting hand-held while free-standing with no support or bracing. It's great people like you who allow me to keep adding to this site full-time. In daylight turn stabilzation OFF (use the STABILIZER switch ) until Canon updates this camera firmware beyond version 1.1.0, which will correct this. It works with either of the Canon RF 1.4× Extender or Canon RF 2× Extender, but only in the range from 300mm to 500mm, and only with one extender at a time. bigger or camera-original © JPG file. Canon's MTF curves agree with what I see: superb sharpness corner-to-corner: Canon RF 100-500mm MTF wide-open at 10 cyc/mm (black) and 30 cyc/mm (blue). Canon RF 100-500mm f/4.5-7.1L IS USM. Using new technology is never easy, so it’s likely there will be a few bumps in the road should you choose to switch over to a 4K workflow. The good news is that it works great with either of the Canon RF 1.4× Extender or Canon RF 2× Extender. Plus de pixels ne signifie pas toujours une meilleure qualité d’image, mais heureusement, l’EOS 90D a encore plus d’arguments pour en faire non seulement l’un des meilleurs appareils Canon, mais aussi l’un des meilleurs reflex numériques. Canon announced the C500 and C500 PL won’t be available until later this year, and although specific price points have yet to be determined, Canon expects to retail the cameras for around $30,000. Scarecrow Owl, 10:11 AM, 03 September 2020. It's common today that optical tricks are used to get ultra-close focusing throughout the entire zoom range, which means if you're weird enough to adapt a manual-focus fixed 500mm lens to your EOS R series camera and compare the two at close distances, this lens may or may not be 500mm at close distances — but it's close and it's far more important to have close focussing. More samples at Bokeh, Macro, Sharpness and Spherochromatism. Donate Smooth fleet integration allows transition from single-function printers to advanced MDS solutions without sacrificing space. Reviews, If you're not getting ultra-sharp pictures with this, be sure not to shoot at f/11 or smaller where all lenses are softer due to diffraction, always shoot at ISO 100 or below because cameras become softer at ISO 200 and above, avoid shooting across long distances over land which can lead to atmospheric heat shimmer, be sure everything is in perfect focus, set your camera's sharpening as you want it (I usually set mine to the maximum) and be sure nothing is moving, either camera or subject. Canon EOS 500D 18-55mm IS : Avis utilisateurs - Appareil Photo Numérique - Les Numériques. Cinema Lens. These snaps are taken in the desert at 110º F (43º C), so heat shimmer isn't showing this lens at its best — and it's still super sharp: Desert Valley, 4:28 PM, 02 September 2020. The EOS C500 certainly isn’t as innovative or as groundbreaking as the C300, but its ability to record 4K video means that the industry is in full swing to embrace this new recording format. In the old days we worked in full stops and thirds, so even if we used f/64 minus two-thirds or f/45 plus one-third, no one ever called it "f/51.". Fuzzy Plant in Afternoon Light, 6:00 PM, September 2020. It's the least talented who spend the most time worrying about lens sharpness and blame crummy pictures on their equipment rather than themselves. If you find this page as helpful as a book you might have had to buy or a workshop you may have had to take, feel free to help me continue helping everyone. The EF 100-400mm L IS II is made with a lot more metal and feels much tougher, but weighs as much with no foot as the RF 100-500mm weighs with its tripod collar. EOS C700 Series; EOS C500 Series; EOS C300 Series; EOS C200 Series; EOS C100 Series; Lenses . In a way, that $30,000 price tag makes perfect sense. They deliver easy, efficient workflow and connectivity to mobile devices and cloud-based tools. It costs you nothing, and is this site's, and thus my family's, biggest source of support. Still, it's hard not to be at least a little bit weary of the camera since it's a "first-generation" product. Avis clients (28) 4,5 /5. Spherochromatism can cause colored fringes on out-of-focus highlights, usually seen as green fringes on backgrounds and magenta fringes on foregrounds. One allows for 2048 × 1080 recording, while the other records traditional 1920 × 1080 Full HD video. This is the best dedicated telephoto for Canon's full-frame mirrorless cameras. If you’ve found different results in your own research, email us and we’ll compare notes. You’re essentially paying twice as much in order to make the jump from full HD to 4K video. If this 1,200 × 900 pixel crop is about 6" (15cm) wide on your screen, the complete image would print at a huge 27½ × 41¼â€³ (70 × 105 cm) at this same high magnification. Lens sharpness has nothing to do with picture sharpness; every lens made in the past 100 years is more than sharp enough to make super-sharp pictures if you know what you're doing. Use this setting only if you're having a problem with the lens attempting to focus on irrelevant close items, or if for some reason the lens is "hunting" from near to far looking for distant subjects. Filters last a lifetime, so you may as well get the best. The C500 has two 3G-SDI ports for outputting uncompressed 4K/2K video captured by the camera. The camera offers the same DCI and QFHD production standard options for recording 2K video. The best protective filter is the 77mm Hoya multicoated HD3 UV which uses hardened glass and repels dirt and fingerprints. Posté le 14-10-2005 à 09:29:45 . Here are photos from headshot distance wide-open: Scarecrow Owl, 10:13 AM, 03 September 2020. The next ribbed white ring is a clutch to add or remove zoom-ring drag. Canon RF100-500mm internal optical construction. In order to record 4K video, the EOS C500 deconstructs the Bayer color sampling into four video components RGGB 4:4:4:4, and each are captured at a 2048 × 1080 (or 1920 × 1080) resolution. Both modes also offer the ability of recording what Canon calls a 4K Half Raw video, where the vertical resolution is limited to 1080 pixels. He has been living and working in New England since 2005. bigger or camera-original © JPG file. Canon EOS R6 in square-crop mode, Canon RF 100-500mm L IS USM at 167mm wide-open at f/5 hand-held at 1/250 at Auto ISO 100, -0.3 stops exposure compensation (LV 12.6), exactly as shot. It's important to cinematographers that the image not breathe because it looks funny if the image changes size as focus gets pulled back and forth between actors. Contact, (with in-camera stabilization, firmware 1.1.1), focuses so close that you may no longer need a macro lens, NO teleconverters work with the RF 70-200/2.8, manual-focus override you have to set your camera to do it, limitation to picture sharpness is your skill as a photographer, I've made some of my best images of all time with an irreparably broken camera, pixels are thrown away before you see them.
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