Meet Andreas Lubitz, the Jewish terrorist with Gay tendencies who intentionally crashed Germanwings Flight 9525 into the Alps. Andreas Lubitz: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know, Copyright © 2020 Heavy, Inc. All rights reserved. Those obscene words were in fact published in a major right wing Israeli newspaper only two weeks before the Lubitz incident took place. Robin, who is handling the case, said Lubitz had no criminal record and was not on any terrorist watch list. This is public information and can be found on Lubitz’ flight record by inquiring with GermanWings.”. We are inspired by the fact that the only culture PROHIBITED from having pride, is the one that's given the globe the most. ” Giacomo Vallone pontificated when he and I discussed this very important issue during one of our weekly pow-wows, late yesterday afternoon. Therefore this article needs to be seen for what it is – an alternate credible theory to the Zionist disinformation being peddled to us as fact. It shows a rugged cliff … In Jesus's name. Lubitz was accepted into a Lufthansa trainee programme after finishing high school. The mainstream media claim he had a girlfriend…. Les funérailles secrètes du pilote Andreas Lubitz, auteur du crash de l'Airbus A320 de la Germanwings, ont eu lieu en Allemagne, rapporte le journal Bild. Information released by FlightRadar24 shows when the reprogramming occurred. Mark Kelly reports. Andreas Lubitz liked pop music, jogging and, of course, flying. John de Nugent, who originally thought Lubitz may have been Gay (original title) now feels his pathology runs much deeper. Lubitz lived with his parents in his hometown, and kept an apartment in Dusseldorf, according to the German news agency DPA. Dr. Lubitz graduated from the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey Robert Wood Johnson Medical School. So he was suffering from serious depression, and said he would “someday do something so the world would remember him.”… As far as I am concerned, and unfortunately I have known queers much of my life, and bisexuals (having been molested as a kid) I maintain he could still be bi.’ The visit to San Francisco made me suspicious, and something bitchy, self-centered and whiny about him seems fem-gay to me — bitchy gay hairdresser-style. Killing 150 people you’ve never met can only be the product of pure unadulterated – a hatred that can ONLY be driven by ideology. European agency proposes tougher medical checks for pilots. “The Lubitz family line can trace it’s history back to the days of the ancient Kingdom of Israel dating from 930 BCE–720 BCE and we find this family had mythological connections to King Solomon as noted in the Talmud.” (NL), Josh Bonehill reported that “Andreas Lubitz visited Israel on more than 10 separate occasions in the last year alone. Muni de sa licence toute neuve, il recherche du travail en Allemagne. And for people who want to learn more about the evil Talmudic Zionist behind the madness, please read Karl Marx: Racist Jewish Supremacist, Enemy of Humanity & Hypocrite for the most in depth study of Marx’s anti gentile hatred on the internet. Zionist propagandists like Pam Geller in fact created a Facebook account showing Muslim sympathy for Lubitz-complete with Arabic text and imagery, in order to drum up support for war with Iran. EKP, where TRUTH lives…. Andreas Lubitz avait interrompu sa formation de pilote chez Lufthansa, la maison mère de Germanwings, pendant presque dix mois en 2008 et 2009 à cause (...) Lire la suite sur Crash de l'A320 : le BEA confirme l'acte «intentionnel» du copilote Magazine imprimé avec du sang de séropositifs : un douteux coup de pub (Getty), The Daily Express reports that Lubitz had recently been dumped by his fiancee and was “struggling to cope.”. Récit d'une tragédie. At the time of the crash, Lubitz had logged just 630 hours of flying time. Click on any of the names, and you get an “article” about how the FAA “recognizes” that person with a prestigious pilot’s license. Le crash de l'appareil avait fait en tout 150 victimes, y compris le copilote allemand Andreas Lubitz, dont la famille ne sera pas présente jeudi aux commémorations. Andreas Lubitz acted in a calm, deliberate manner as he plunged Germanwings Flight 9525 into mountainside, killing 150 By Angela Charlton and David McHugh. Andreas Lubitz is the German pilot who apparently flew a passenger plane with 150 people to a deliberate and deadly crash in the French Alps on 24 March 2015. Afficher les profils des personnes qui s’appellent Andreas Lubitz. Yes, I am one of the names on here, but I have no idea how many names are listed. All posts. Exposing Marxism. Missing evidence of the cockpit door not opening. (see our Zions ugliest hags story here), Karl Marx: Racist Jewish Supremacist, Enemy of Humanity & Hypocrite, merely think Anders Breivik and the 70 Norwegian children he killed at the behest of his Jewish masters, That is how SICK these fiends are. Andreas Lubitz aurait aujourd'hui 32 ans. Simon Calder @SimonCalder. So why’s the Zionist media Saying he’s Muslim? The media recognise that because Lubitz was Jewish and phenotypically white, people won’t see religious, ethnic or racial hatred as motivation for the crime. But The Wall Street Journal, citing a “person familiar with the investigation,” reports that Lubitz was being treated for depression and “had been excused from work by his treating neuropsychologist for a period that included the day of the crash … but decided to ignore the advice and reported to work.”, Lufthansa CEO Carsten Spohr said Thursday that Lubitz was “100 percent fit to fly” but acknowledged that he “took a break in his training six years ago. The Dusseldorf prosecutors said they found no suicide note, no confession, and no indication of political or religious motivation. FAMILY members of the victims of kamikaze pilot Andreas Lubitz have reacted angrily to his parents describing him as a "lovely and valuable person”. Les 144 passagers et six membres d'équipage ont été tués sur le coup dans l'accidentn 1. It’s not like he simply lashed out at a few people he didn’t like and then took his own life. Le témoignage qui tombe à pic. Still, we are not a white supremacist site or hate group and condemn all forms of racism. And contrast the outrage we had at those Chechen kids that bombed the Boston Marathon, which was suspect at best, to the almost non-existent moral outrage the masses have exhibited when confronting the Lubitz mass murder. Andreas Lubitz (right) and the wreckage of Germanwings Flight 9525. by Carl Mason  I sent the following letter out to, “My little piece of Worcester, Keble Close, now. Don’t miss a WSJ video, subscribe here: More from the Wall Street Journal: Visit Visit the WSJ Video Center: On Facebook:…2015-03-27T15:05:58.000Z. Get the latest andreas lubitz news, articles, videos and photos on the New York Post. L'enquête a conclu à un crash perpétré volontairement par le copilote, Andreas Lubitz. Lubitz was buried in a secret ceremony in Germany over the weekend. Andreas Lubitz was the Germanwings co-pilot who locked his captain out of the cockpit and deliberately flew Flight 9525 into the side of a mountain, killing all 150 people onboard. Quelques jours plus tard, une jeune femme fait la une des médias en déclarant être la petite amie du copilote. And trust us, we won’t spam you, or share your email address with anyone. ), John de Nugent (white civil rights activist). Lubitz possessed an FAA-issued private pilot’s license, received in 2012, and an FAA-issued student license, received in 2010. 07. WATCH: How to Lock & Unlock an Airbus A320 Cockpit Door, Public Prosecutor of Marseille Brice Robin said Thursday that Lubitz’s “intention was to destroy the plane.”. The massive granite block for Andreas Lubitz was erected at the weekend by his parents in his hometown of Montabaur. It reminds me of those novelty/vanity magazine covers – People Magazine’s Man of the Year issue with your picture on it, that kind of thing. One hundred fifty people were killed in the crash, including three Americans. He succeeded in fulfilling his dream, a dream that he paid for with his life. The fact there are sick notes saying he was unable to work, among other things, that were found torn up, which were recent and even from the day of the crime, support the assumption based on the preliminary examination that the deceased hid his illness from his employer and his professional colleagues. Il constitue la troisièm… The clinic says it cannot give further details because of rules governing patient confidentiality. We’ve replaced conjecture with fact, lies, with more fact, and hatred, with the honour and honesty. Police also searched Lubitz’s parent’s home and left with boxes of evidence. Knowing what we know about Jews, was the psycho death pilot of Germanwings flight 4U-9525 an angry Jew with a 75-year-old axe to grind? Andreas Lubitz avait 28 ans. Imagine if a black fella shot up an all white wedding killing 5  people, or a white man shot three blacks. You can even manually navigate “up” a directory and go to: The cockpit door that cannot be opened. Dépressif, Andreas Lubitz avait un rêve : voler. March 27, 2015. On Thursday, a woman identified as the mother of Lubitz’s classmate told the Frankfurter Zeitung that he suffered a breakdown in the past: “Apparently, he had a burnout, depression.”. LSC Westerwald flight club in Montabaur, of which Lubitz was a member, identified him in a death notice posted on its website: As a youth, Andreas became a member of the club, he wanted to see his dream of flying fulfilled. Andreas Lubitz a tout de même atteint son objectif. Prosecutors in Dusseldorf said Friday that it appears he was hiding the illness from his employer: Documents with medical contents were confiscated that point towards an existing illness and corresponding treatment by doctors. His girlfriend Kathrin Goldbach, 26, … Cote 0004638. Lubitz lived part-time with his parents in the famous Rhineland region of Germany, about halfway between Cologne and Frankfurt. I’m tired of hearing about the how bad we “Englsih people” treated the Irish – Sinn Fein and your current ruling elite are FAR worse! Should his evil actions be attributed to Jewish hatred of Germans and other Gentiles? (see our Zions ugliest hags story here). Andreas Lubitz poses at the Golden Gate Bridge in his Facebook profile photo. The database, which appears on the agency’s website at, names Lubitz and other certified pilots who have met or exceeded the high educational, licensing and medical standards established by the FAA. Idyllic Worcester – from Historic City to Migrant Settlement. Scorned lovers often kill their lover’s families. Selon les premiers éléments de l’enquête, c’est lui qui a délibérément précipité l’avion sur le flanc de la montagne. We seek to re-instil pride in people through the promotion of European high culture & by exposing the Marxist and internationalist mechanisms employed to subjugate us. Lubitz became a Lufthansa trainee after graduating from a rigorous prep school, and he joined Germanwings, Lufthansa’s low-cost airline, in September 2013. Lubitz’s disregard for the lives of those passengers tells me that ideological, probably Talmudic hatred was an integral component of his actions and thought process. August 16, 2016 GMT. He started as a gliding student and managed to become a pilot of the Airbus A320. “This Jew was a total narcissist. Andreas Lubitz was accepted as a Lufthansa trainee in 2008 Andreas Lubitz, the young co-pilot who deliberately crashed a Germanwings airliner into the … PUBLISHED: 07:48, Mon, Apr 4, … March 26, 2015, 8:06 pm. Andreas Lubitz Israel/ Andreas Lubitz Jew/ Andreas Lubitz Jewish/ Andreas Lubitz Judische/ Germanwings Jewish/ Smash Cultural Marxism - the Originals/ USS Liberty Archive. the disinformation being espoused by pseudo-conservative scum like Pamela Geller, Debbie Schlussel and David Horowitz. The people that built the Roman & British empires, colonised North America, Australia New Zealand, built South Africa from a spit of sand to the great nation it once was - have seen their accomplishments denigrated. If you're looking for racially charged rants, hate speech, or conversely-politically correct drivel, move along. (Getty). Now compare this to how this story is being sold to us, and how people aren’t one thousandth as angry as they were after the Boston Marathon bombing or 9/11. 1 million aware gentiles can’t be wrong. We at the EKP think this is unfair. According to the playback video, between 9:30:52 a.m. and 09:30:55 a.m. UTC the autopilot was manually changed from 38,000 feet to 100 feet. Andreas Günter Lubitz. The ill-thought reinforced cockpit door has had catastrophic consequences. News > World > Europe Germanwings crash: Andreas Lubitz - the killer co-pilot who deliberately flew 150 people to their deaths. Mark my words, we are going to see far more oppressed homosexuals, enraged blacks and Bear Jews going on killing sprees in the coming years. Un rêve qui deviendra le cauchemar des 149 autres victimes du vol 4U9525. Andreas Günter Lubitz (18 December 1987 – 24 March 2015) was a German pilot for the international airline Lufthansa. An earlier version of this article, as well as numerous mentions by reporters from major news outlets, cited the article without drawing attention to its dubious nature. A 2013 mention in the Aviation Business Gazette notes Lubitz’s inclusion in the FAA Airmen Certification Database. Click on any name and it’s exactly the same. A right wing European or Muslim preacher sneezes near a synagogue and the world stops; a bitter Jew murders 150 innocent German people and it’s attributed to mental illness. Par Louis Ritot Le 30 mars 2015 à 09h01 . Was Germanwings Jewish death pilot, Andreas Lubitz, a hate-filled gay anti German terrorist? She works in Philadelphia, PA and is affiliated with Temple University Hospital. Many of the passengers were adolescents. Compounding their evil, is the fact that the criminals controlling our media and minds, have tried pinning the Germanwings tragedy on Muslims in spite of the fact that Lubitz is a VERY Jewish surname, and quite obvious homosexual tendencies! Powered by. He also had an apartment in Dusseldorf, the planned destination of the doomed flight, where he lived with his fiancee. (By subscribing to our free monthly EKP Newsletter you’ll always be first to know. Germanwings crash: Co-pilot Andreas Lubitz's final email reveals his 'depression' and 'fear of going blind' The Germanwings Airbus A320 crashed on 24 March 2015 killing all 149 people on board. Regardless of what the ground investigation uncovers this will be truly important story as it will serve as a permanent counter to the disinformation being espoused by pseudo-conservative scum like Pamela Geller, Debbie Schlussel and David Horowitz. Andreas Lubitz a dû à un moment ou à un autre être exposé à ce phénomène. Andreas Lubitz, le co-pilote de l'A320 . Aviation Business Gazette included a mention of Lubitz in September 2013: puzzled pilots discussed their mysterious. We seek to bring honourable men & women of all ethnicities together under the banner of Western 'culturalism', national patriotism, love for Western civilisation, the preservation of our unique cultures, Christian heritage & individual national sovereignties. Germanwings co-pilot Andreas Lubitz had traces of the anti-depressive medications citalopram and mirtazapine in his system, as well as the sleep medication zopiclone, according to a French air accident report that was released today, 13 March. I don’t see any way to “search” the listings either (not sure why I’d want to though). Andreas Lubitz, Brême, le 17. All 150 people on board Flight 9525 from Barcelona to Duesseldorf were killed.
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