google_ad_width = 120; If designed properly, the M7 would lock the film speed setting, only lock compensation at 0, and reduced exposures would be set by rotating the compensation dial down, not up. document.write("src='" + getCacheBuster() + "<ext=eBay&laction=_blank&ig=1'>"); Bulb requires batteries to open and close the shutter. I had a 6D, sold it. Unfortunately, the M7’s metering is bottom center-weighted, much like the Nikons of the 70s and 80s so in that beach scene, it would have been fooled and probably underexposed badly. Even a $35 Pentax ME does this. Concerning this article, I’m surprised Photography Life would choose someone who apparently never used a 35mm camera before to test the Leica M7. I’ve had no trouble since. But cutting a long leader like this wastes film,, and no cameras required it except pre-M Leicas (and Leica copies), which haven’t been made since the mid 1950s. I have found this camera to be the least intuitive camera I have ever used (which is difficult considering its knobs are so simple). Like a gun, be sure when you put it away that nothing is likely to press its shutter accidentally. My camera is 58 years old. I am happiest with the simplest of cameras because I believe simplicity is elegant and allows the user to focus more on image capture instead of fiddling with settings. Stop your lens down, and for most lenses, that's the same as a 12 hour exposure at minimum aperture. To shed official light on this topic: The Konica people have proposed to Leica to … For both, the only limit of how long you can leave them sitting around is someone stealing it. To focus under these conditions, I put my finger over the fluted bright line window, or move my eye slightly to the left. Then it smoothly tapers up to the other side of the film (not cutting through a sprocket hole). The LEICA M7 is a poor choice if you demand precise framing and composition, which ought to be one of the most important factors by which you select a camera. They were scanned by the same person and shot on the same film stocks (Fuji 400H). It's impossible to pull the finder preview lever away from the 28mm/90mm position. Laura: As you obviously love photography and are willing to experiment and write about your experiences, please give another Leica a test drive… a digital M240 or M10, for example, or a film M6. I own an M7, an M4-2, an M8, M240 and an SL. I still own a Leitz ‘Focomat’ enlarger. If you've forgotten, you can cheat by locking exposure, covering the lens with your hand, releasing the shutter, and then taking your hand away fast. The M7 uses Leica's signature horizontal travelling cloth focal plane shutter. LEICA M7 google_ad_height = 600; For instance, if it's too dark to read exposure at f/8, meter wide open. buy from Adorama, Amazon, Ritz, B&H, Calumet and J&R. Pop off the back, and try to get the film out.