Un groupe de citoyens francophones qui désire faire partager au public francophone des analyses venues du monde entier et exprimées dans d'autres langues. by Le Saker Francophone for The Saker Blog. There was a splurge of fashion and a conspicuous consumption of bourgeois wealth, while the poor suffered from harsh economic conditions. what is there to fear when you know your enemy is going to kill you anyway, heartlessly, ruthlessly, that he see you as thrash. Thanks for the post…..hope you can keep us up to date with events. The way out of the trap is JOBS that produce decent after-tax income. ‘ the Banksters have needs” and they will act as they see fit to resolve their own survival whatever that means, relative to any and all people everywhere in the world. Who actually owns the Federal Reserve Central Banks? Why do workers work for people who don’t pay them properly, in the first place? Four Reasons Immigration Can Impact Wages. Russians are the dumbest idiots on the planet! A typical if simplified system dynamic in the study went like this: “Population cannot grow without food, food production is increased by growth of capital, more capital requires more resources, discarded resources become pollution, pollution interferes with the growth of population and food.” The models showed that any system based on exponential economic and population growth crashed eventually. The above link shows only the text ot the sign to be fake-photoshopped or addition to the original photo. Dedefensa Capitalism is the most serious at this moment in time. all work must lead to such production..or involved in such production. Not a pretty picture I am afraid. Par Nicolas Bonnal – Novembre 2020 – Source nicolasbonnal.wordpress.com, Il y a trente ans Guy Debord écrivait dans ses Commentaires : « On entend dire que la science est maintenant soumise à des impératifs de rentabilité économique ; cela a toujours été vrai. All the citizens, being equal in its eyes, are equally admissible to all public dignities, places, and employments, according to their capacity and without distinction other than that of their virtues and of their talents. The Zionist agent was George Washington, a freemason in Rothschils pay. Kroměříž is a private company that has been operating in the domain of the processing of ferrous and non-ferrous metals since 1992 and is one of the most important companies in the domain of the processing and recycling of non-ferrous metals and production of aluminium alloys in the Czech Republic operating in the whole Europe. They focused on the complex feedback loops—the system dynamics—that play out when we tax the limits of the planet. The question is: Can it be changed, improved now?? Over a thousand individuals arrested, multiple subway lines closed, protesters wanting to reach Paris forbidden to access the train or blocked on the roads, the protesters in the capital city split into small groups by the police and forbidden to reach their destination. Yes, it is terrible what Washington and Hamilton (THE most staunch anti-slavery Founder) pulled off, sh37. The Russian Army performed well. The damage done by multiculturalism and vulture capitalism to French society and culture is enormous, and this reaction is wholly justified. French Revolution marked the demise of the Ancient Regime and the seizure of power by the bourgeoisie. Par Bogdan Herzog − Le 15 décembre 2017 Deuxième colloque de Chișinău (15-16 décembre 2017) J’ai récemment lu l’interview du professeur Douguine dans le magazine The Economist. “Whoever controls the money supply controls the world. what is there to fear? La proposition est de retenir, pour simplifier, que la Nation est le peuple, constitué en société grâce à une culture commune, installé durablement dans un pays, et qui établit un État pour assurer l’administration du pays et défendre l’intérêt public. If you refuse to work then you can flip hamburgers for nothing, or be homeless, with infinitely large freedom, but with infinitely small rights. Recall Elections and Voter Vetos sound like desirable tools for restraining rogue “representative” governments. Let’s see how it will react in January. This occurs because the super-ego, or moral center of consciousness, is displaced by the larger crowd, to be replaced by a charismatic crowd leader. The City of London is an independent state inside England, outside the jurisdiction of the British Parliament, while the US Fed is Rotschilds controlled. Please share thank you It failed, as there was no popular base. What les Gilets Jaunes are also protesting about. The scandals with Macron’s close and personal assistant Benalla and the way they were “handled” showed in a crude light that we have a greedy incompetent liar for president. s r.o. The French go for the throat (the head, per guillotine). It all started on November 17 when tens of thousands of people took to the streets across the country to protest against rising fuel prices. Le retrait de Trump en Afghanistan ne signifie pas la fin de la guerre, Трамп опять грозит игрушечным пистолетом, а Москва боится возразить, Трамп идет войной на две страны сразу, а не «всего лишь» одну, Gli Anglo-Sionisti stanno cercando di provocare una guerra con l’Iran, Le 3 operazioni più riuscite dei Fanti di Marina, La Russia è riuscita ad ottenere veicoli da combattimento superiori a quelli nemici, da vecchi carri armati, Bolívia: Evo Sem Fronteiras “Estamos de volta e somos milhões”, PT — Manlio Dinucci — A Arte da Guerra — A Bomba está pronta e, em breve, em Itália, Кристофер Блек: Бајден доноси нове ратове, Џон Рапопорт: Како се вакцина за ковид-19 лажно жели приказати успешном (видео). “Be Prepared” human beings! We can observe much more women participating too. they demanded that he become their political pawn. Other thing: the yellow vests are something every European citizen must have in their car and wear it if for some reason, like a mechanical problem or accident, you have to leave the car on a highway. Ask yourself why all the leaders constantly shake hands and make hand signs that only masons know. Because in order to retain our humanity in the face of limits, we would have to confront inequality head on. Your logic based on Critical Thinking (Analysis and Synthesis), it is your ability that turns premises into conclusions. Saker, the health and well-being of your family goes first imho. The English king is executed in retaliation for what Edward Ist did. Les personnes qu’il a choisies pour l’instant sont des interventionnistes convaincus qui voudront continuer les guerres qu’ils ont commencées lors de leurs précédent mandats. But this one seems to be « the right one », the one that will bring effective changes. Do not be distracted away from seeing Russia, China, USA Et Al begin the scramble to claim the Artic riches. Also notice some dark areas that haven’t been correctly erased. there is no other way save hell itself. One of the protesters told RT France that BFM TV spreads false information about the movement, alleging that the channel purposefully underplays the size of its demonstrations. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. By June 1794 France had become fully weary of the mounting executions (1,300 in June alone), and Paris was alive with rumors of plots against Robespierre, member of the ruling Committee of Public Safety and leading advocate of the Terror. What is the chief obstacle for the creation of a globalist, Rothschilds banking empire ? Or…..just maybe…… the word (“It’s better here.”) got around, and crossed the Atlantic, and other relatives and friends came over?? As long as all you folks realize that the welfare western nations are bust, broke, banana republic material. there is no evolutionary eventuality that includes ordinary white people in any sentient form, able to think and act and live in independent agreement socially, with this I agree completely: “”or a triumphant bank robbery with no financial benefits for themselves Westerners correctly sense that without the banksters’ stranglehold on the World’s oppressed countries and peoples, the West will enter instant tailspin””, but that does obviate the resolution I listed: there is no sentient future for white ordinary folk as well. Cookies help us deliver our services. Der Witz der Woche: Nach wie vor die ami „Wahlen“. PART 1. The “yellow vests” want further concessions from the government. The group reportedly chanted “journalists come down”, “fake news” and “Macron out”. The French know how to do Revolution. it is not that they can or will leave us alone if we sit down quietly and make no trouble for them. Le mondialisme se présente comme une espèce de lien cordial et progressiste entre les pays, lien qui rendrait inutiles, les frontières, les modes de vie particuliers, etc. Nous n'avons pas besoin de vos dons, nous sommes tous bénévoles, mais vos talents sont bienvenus si vous avez des dispositions pour la traduction (anglais, allemand, russe, etc.) They financed both world wars as well as the Russian “revolution”. All the citizens have the right of contributing personally or through their representatives to its formation. Les humbles veillent. mod-to note: no caps and please send further links like this to our Non MSM News section. We all use them to transmit knowledge. By Francis Lee for the Saker Blog PART 1. It is not for nothing that The Times elected him Person of the Year. Plus, special interests gained loopholes by hiding them in referendums with great titles, but long & complex language. He must have thought that the elderly does not join protests, but actually…. Macron with 24% of voters in the first round obtained 53% of the parliament, while Le Pen, with 21% had only 1.3% representatives for his party in parliament. Celle-ci, cependant, reste brutale et sauvage. The capitalist system was then placed on life support by the world’s central bank’s qualitative easing. He promises to raise the minimum wage by 100 euros. There sure is plenty of misery. The intensity of the protests quickly forced the government to make a U-turn and first suspend and later permanently shelve its plans for fuel tax increases. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jacobin So in the first round of 2002, with 20% of voters in the presidential election, Chirac’s party obtained 62% of the parliament, while Le Pen, with 17% of the voters was not represented. Continuer la lecture de Un autre regard sur l’équipe de politique étrangère de Joe Biden, Par James Howard Kunstler − Le 13 novembre 2020 − Source Clusterfuck Nation. It is also a revolt against the propagandist bought-and-paid-for media, which is a new and sane aspect. They are as indentured and feudalized as any serfs or economic credit slaves. The next day, the deputies in the National Convention shouted him down and decreed his arrest. England is conquered and Zionists became tax collectors, building up a fortune. Sinks refer to the capacity of the planet to absorb pollution of its soil, air, and water, and, most ominously, the capacity of its atmosphere to absorb carbon. there is no positive evolutionary role to play by minority ownership and concentration of wealth into few hands. The Russian Tzar and his entire family are butchered. However, before it does, it will have caused immense damage to sovereign European states, bleeding them financially, as well as causing immense social and ethnic destruction. the mixing surely is producing a more facile human being physically at least? The party name changes seem to be the tricks in use now a days. Napoleon loved his” hidden hand ” masonic gesture as much as the pope. Afrique-Asie, La fuite de documents « Blame China » de CNN montre que la Chine n’a rien fait de mal, Par Moon of Alabama − Le 1er décembre 2020. One lesson from history. (1) Trying to raise taxes further might cause a net negative to the treasury as more wealth flight occurs. The Rothschilds control Macron. Continuer la lecture de Les nombreux Travaux d’Hercule, Par William S. Lind − Le 10 Novembre 2020 − Source Traditionnal Right. antipresse.net Did you said democracy? But, in their strategy, they forgot that smartphones can record the police mischiefs, making them viral on social media, as it showed that the violence came from the police and the government, and not from the protesters. The latest news is that Sweden is facing a civil war. The yellow vest movement spread already to Belgium in the second week and other countries have followed. Filing the available jobs with French citizens would keep them off the dole, thus improving the Maker:Taker ratio and reducing tax burdens. The Rothschilds financed Napoleon for his 1812 invasion of Russia. So far no results from Macron’s government investigation on how to blame the Russians for the Yellow Vest protests. Zoom-in and check out the wooden pole it is attacked to. But it is crucial that the Yellow Vests don’t face the same fate as the Occupy Wall Street movement and to learn from it’s mistakes. Europe is flooded with false “refugees”, who have been given the task of a political, eonomic, financial, social and ethnic Trojan Horse, it’s chief task being the destruction of sovereign European states and giving Brussels dictatorial powers. Ah, we need to mention the Jacobin role in French revolution: The slogan reads ‘Urgent, purchase power, dignity for all’ [Regis Duvignau/Reuters]. November 2020 Russophilus 178 Kommentare. I have been watching the world earth dramatically changing (b.1948). The wealthy are already fleeing France to avoid 75%+ income taxes. Zoom into the smiling lady’s head which is at the bottom of the image. French imperial roots are deep in Syria. He probably won by a narrow margin. Of course, he had huge financial difficulties. it seems nothing will ever change unless they are arrested and their banks/banking eliminated, some new form put in their place to handle financial issues… at once small and popularly controlled and radically democratic..something like tons of banks, all individual and independent and must remain so..and set up as worker co-ops..owned by all who work at the bank itself..from porter to manager, It is very complicated, but to start you may know. In 1851, France had the misfortune to fall victim to a coup by the nephew of Napoleon Bonaparte, Charles-Louis Napoléon Bonaparte, who styled himself Napoleon III.
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