your own Pins on Pinterest. i see balance being restored, things aligning again, things making sense for the first time in a while. Tarot professionals Katie-Ellen Hazeldine in Great Britain and Kyra Oser in the United States and Canada look at the cards. everything is here right now, i cannot stress this enough. for some of you, the universe is really taking you full force into a divine, lasting connection that defies all odds. By Ejderha-Arts Watch. what you need to do is to make the changes you’ve been thinking of. you have the strength to go through this new phase in your life, otherwise you wouldn’t be here. you are strong, you can get through this, and you can rise above it and shine brigher than before. you are enough exactly as you are right now, your life is enough exactly as it is right now, it is worthy of living. why? After all, with Jupiter ruling your romance house and Neptune your house of intimacy and sex, you’re simply irresistible! See more ideas about Tarot, Tarot art, Tarot astrology. if there is something that you absolutely need to let go of in order to step into the next chapter of yout life, and you have refused to do it until now, you might have a storm coming. I love the interaction, the relationship depicted in it. remember how even the obstacles build you up into the person who can receive what you want, so be grateful for them. Quick links. act like it, feel just how much you can do. connect to that overflowing cup of love inside of you, bring you body, mind and heart on that frequency, and literal miracles will come your way. You love basking in attention so it’s only fitting that your ruler is the ego-boosting sun. New Moon Tarot Energy Reading 18 Aug 2020, this new moon will definitely bring up a lot of triggers, I for one already feel some heavy energy, anxiety, fears coming up. treat them with kindness, but be firm. if you feel trapped, like you can’t get over something, like you can’t get up and act, that is a lie that you are holding on to. Learn more about Leo's characteristics » Tarot Card: Strength Glyph: The Lion Ruling Planet: The Sun Ruling House: 5th House of … there will be help, there will be offers. perseverence is your best friend right now. let your world emerge, Tarot Energy Reading // September 2020 . there are so many opportunities and people looking for you, waiting for you, if you only there look in new directions. sure, everything takes effort, but when you’re in your purpose, that effort is driven by passion. Katie-Ellen Hazeldine – Seven of Swords / Two of Cups I have drawn two cards for this month; the shady, subtle, diplomatic, or downright sneaky Seven of Swords, and the gentle, reconciling, gifting, healing, and trading Two of Cups. be patient with yourself as you make the transition towards something better, the last few steps are often the hardest, but think about how far you have come. why? the first step is to believe in yourself, to believe you are divinely guided and protected, and to believe that you are worthy and capable. you crave adventure and a new start, but for that you have to sacrifice your well-built security, which scares you. there is nothing to fear, soon something beautiful and heart-fulfilling will come your way. on the other side of that blockage is soooo much abundance, so much healing, so many opportunities that will be immediately coming in, you’ll wonder what the hell took you so long to make that change. Strength is an interesting card to draw. you can sit here and think about it all you want, but that won’t get you to that powerful energy you feel budding outside your gated garden. THIS is the dimension you’ve been waiting for. you might still look back in fear that the past could come back and hurt you again, but that is no longer possible. ohhh, this is going to be an intense one. it is all for your own good though, the universe is always on your side. it is the perfect time to make the decision to stop sabotaging yourself and start believing in your potential. Things might seem very unclear to you, you might feel trapped, unsafe, completely all over the place because you have no idea how to deal with everything life throws at you. because we’ll be more and more aware of what is holding us back from abundance and prosperity and love, namely what in ourselves is holding us back. be more aware of it this week, even through the challenges. Want Even More? appreciate how far you’ve come and how much better you’ve become. Lion’s Gate Portal 8/8/2020 Tarot Spread WHAT IS THE LION’S GATEWAY PORTAL? which doesn’t mean that your evolution stops here, but merely that now you won’t be doing it on your own, but rather with a counterpart who is just as devoted to their growth as you are. to the universe, every little effort is spectacular. there is so much more that you can do, achieve, feel, love, if only you let yourself gaze that far into your being. ... Tarot Tips — Noble Lion Prints. it’s time to let go of the scenarios you’ve been building in your head and carrying with you, you know the ones, those that place you in the middle of lack, of bad luck, of defeat. know that it’s time for you to claim your story and your journey and make moves, make plans, manifest those things you’ve been putting off manifesting because you didn’t think you were deserving. The lion is a symbol of fire that burns within us – representing our wants and desires with an intense blaze. We invite you to join us and meditate together with Moon Omens Soul Family. and once you realize it’s all happening for your higher good, once you realize this time in your life is so, so powerful, you’ll be able to create and attract what you want. The Lions Gateway Tarot by Jessica Leigh Henry caught my attention pretty much right away. Lions Gateway Tarot. I see romance blossoming for a part of you, and not just any kind of romance. and once that happens, the past can’t touch you anymore. there is so much healing in just taking the first step on this new journey in which you are letting yourself expand and shine. and you know what it is, you know it, underneath that layer of fear and insecurity. Tarot Reading 2020 - Annual Tarot card 2020 predictions will give you a relevant and an exciting reading into your future. first chakra issues will come up, so you need to ground yourself and not let negative thoughts take over you so much that you don’t see the way out anymore. not only do we know better and more clearly what we want to manifest, but it is also time to act in order to bring the world we’ve dreamt up into the 3D. Tarot card: Strength. Bienvenue les Lions,Voici votre guidance du mois de Novembre 2020.
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