Marie (de BOURGOGNE) de VALOIS aka Maria `de Rijke' (Heiress) of BURGUNDY; Queen of the Low Countrie; (King Louis XI wanted her huge inheritance so proposed his son as husband, but she rejected him in favor of the less powerful Imperial heir, nevertheless losing much of her realm to France) ... Born: 1457 Died: 1482. Mary Capet-Valois of Burgundy, Duchess regnant of Burgundy, Countess regnant of Holland, was born 13 February 1457 in Brussels, Belgium to Charles, Duke of Burgundy (1433-1477) and Isabella of Bourbon (c1436-1465) and died 27 March 1482 in Wijnendale Castle, Wijnendale, West Flanders, Belgium of broken back. Elle est née à Bruxelles le 13 février 1457, décédée en Flandre en 1482, princesse de la branche bourguignonne de la dynastie capétienne fut duchesse de Bourgogne (1477-1482), comtesse de Bourgogne (1477-1482) (et autres titres). In Brussels, on September 2, 1481, while Maximilian was again absent, Mary had a third child, another son whom she named Frederic. During that same month, Mary of Burgundy wrote to Louis XI on the advice of Margaret of York and her other top advisors, the lords Ravenstein, Humbercourt, and Hugonet. A stern ruler, Maximilian was becoming hated and feared in some Burgundian cities. . The people's love for Mary grew, however, as she became a patron of the arts and continued to hear petitions from citizens. Name variations: Marie de L'Incarnation; Mary of the Incarnation; Marie Gu…, Marie De Médicis (1573–1642) Fortunately for her, he was the only suitor who was able to produce a letter of promise from Mary, as well as one of her jewels sent to seal the pledge. She spent the next few days making sure that the families of the executed advisors were safe and cared for financially. Starting when Mary was only a child, her father promised her to a long line of suitors, including Ferdinand of Aragon, Nicholas of Lorraine, George, duke of Clarence (brother of Margaret of York), Duke Francis II of Brittany, the dauphin Charles (the future Charles VIII), Charles of Berry, Philibert of Savoy, Nicholas of Anjou, and Maximilian (I), the Habsburg archduke and heir to the Austrian empire. Geneanet. He had negotiated with Frederick III, Holy Roman emperor and emperor of Austria, for the marriage of Mary to his son Maximilian; the match was designed to bring stability to the warring German cities and to outmaneuver France once and for all. There, Mauvais was supposed to rally the people of the city to France's side and to meet in private with Mary to persuade her to accept the marriage proposal. Goemaere, 1945. Not much is known about Mary's education, but it is clear that she could speak French, Flemish, and English. Gifts were brought by representatives from across Europe, including some from a number of cities which were in rebellion against Duke Philip the Good at the time. Améliorer la notice. MARIE DE MÉDICIS (1573–1642), queen of France (1600–1610) and regent (1610–1617) for her son, Louis XIII. Maria 'de Rijke'. LOCATION: Mari El Republic Volga-Ural region of Russia) A propos de Marie de Bourgogne. London: George Routledge, 1903. Bourgogne (France) -- Histoire (15 s.) Bourgogne (France) (Ducs et duchesses) (15 s.) -- Biographies. Discover the family tree of Marie de Bourgogne for free, and learn about their family history and their ancestry. Her entrance into the world was celebrated in a grand style, and her baptism at the cathedral of Coudenberg was considered "the greatest magnificence ever seen for a girl." Marie de Bourgogne (1457-1482). Meanwhile, Maximilian, the young Austrian archduke, stubbornly opposes his father Frederick who also wants him to marry … The exposure of the heiress to so many of her subjects also served to encourage love and loyalty for her, something she would sorely need in the coming years. NY: St. Martins Press, 1989. You may have already requested this item. Thus, Mary of Burgundy proceeded to finalize the marriage arrangements herself, despite a clause in the Great Privilege that gave the right of arrangement to the people of Burgundy. Des pourparlers, Maximilien son fils. Mary of Burgundy was 19 and ready to bear children if she were matched with an adult husband. Mary of Burgundy summoned the Estates General, a body of citizens and councilors, to meet at Ghent in February 1477. Ironically, Flanders and other central European lands had often passed down through female hands, and those territories did not welcome France's intrusion. The two were welcomed and celebrated everywhere they went. Marie de Bourgogne, Duchesse de Bourgogne (1457-1452), daughter of Charles the Bold, Duke of Burgundy from the House of Valois-Burgundy and Isabella de Bourbon. Maria van Bourgondië. You may have already requested this item. Her later actions as reigning duchess suggest that she was prepared early in life to govern. Mary tried every political tool at her disposal to free the men from custody; when those failed, she attempted an emotional appeal. While she dealt with formal petitions in her chambers, people in the streets rose up, setting fire to the prison and the hall of justice. Especially after 1465, when Charles became the duke of Burgundy, he was personally involved in controlling and governing the cities of his territory. 1482. schema: alternateName. Nevertheless, Maximilian arrived safely in the city, and the wedding was celebrated without further problems. Margaret of York, who had since taken on the title of duchess dowager, acted as Mary's top advisor. LANGUAGE: Mari; Russian; Tatar Name variations: Marie of Burgundy; Marie de Bourgogne; Maria van Bourgund; Duchess of Burgundy and Luxemburg; Queen of the Low Countries; (sometimes incorrectly known as Margaret of Burgundy because she has historically been confused with Margaret of York). Most online reference entries and articles do not have page numbers. Therefore, that information is unavailable for most content. Mary of Burgundy spent most of her childhood at the ducal castle of Ten Waele at Ghent. Maximilian wrote to a friend that he found his wife beautiful, and he confided that they did not have separate bedrooms—something almost unheard of among the nobility of the day. Marie de Médic…, ALTERNATE NAMES: Cheremis (former) They were both young, attractive, and known for their intelligence and courage. Mary, aged ten at the time, had been staying at Ghent. Nevertheless, Mary had to be wary of the stream of suitors who hoped to win her hand and her riches. Afin de voir une sélection de notices, veuillez sélectionner au moins une notice dans la liste de résultats. In the letter, co-signed by her advisors, Mary humbly addressed the king of France as her godfather and suggested that she would consider his offer.
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