You can see the effect of using a lens rather than digital zoom. I like the colors with the Leica M10 a little more but they are both pleasant images. Taken with the Leica M10 and 24mm Summilux. The new Q2 is easily the most impressive compact camera on the market, and to be honest, labeling it that will make most photographers shrug it off yet it has simply so much more to offer. The weather proofing caught my attention as did the high resolution (48 Megapixels) and the digital zoom. I steadied both cameras on tripods in order to compare the images at 100 ISO and 3200 ISO for both cameras. The camera has both video and still image capability. The first two images are of a Matterhorn hiking trail. Leica Q2 was introduced to market in March 2019 and Leica Q was launched in June 2015. Screenshot and image after processing. I focused on the climber statue with the lens wide open to get maximum bokeh. Below you can find the latest models from this series. Making a full-frame digital compact camera is a bit more involved, so they’re not common and they’re quite a bit more expensive. The electronic view finder (EVF) is natural and feels similar to the rangefinder window on my Leica M10. Meteora at night. In true Leica fashion, their team of engineers took the already impressive innovation of the original Q and elevated it to new level. Both Leica Q2 and Leica Q sensors have been tested by DxoMark. A hang glider adds to the scene and provides an interesting subject to zoom in on. The M10 intimidates her. The Leica Q2 contains a built in Macro adapter which is easily accessible on the lens. The new Leica Q2 next to my trusted Leica M10. Mentioned previously in the Night Photography section. The rounded ends, borrowed from the firm’s iconic M-series rangefinder cameras, make it unexpectedly comfortable to hold. f2.8 - 1/160 sec. Meet The New Leica Q2. SET “LEICA EIN STUCK" M6 0.72 ET SUMMILUX-M 35MM ASPH F/1.4 934/996. However, I’m quite impressed with the clarity of the Leica Q2 image zoomed in so tightly, especially when you consider these are handheld images and not steadied with a tripod. But the Leica Q2 has features the Leica M10 doesn’t have. The EVF also provides an integrated display which allows the photographer to monitor important exposure information (shutter speed, ISO, focus point, aperture) as the image is composed. But I also enjoy adventure nature and street photography. Let's read on the following sections in order to better understand in detail how Leica Q2 and Leica Q compares and hopefully end up with enough arguments to decide which one is better for you. Not with identical processing, but with the processing I felt each image needed. I enjoyed shooting the Leica Q2 primarily in manual mode. Both cameras have a tele angle reach of 28mm and have the same max aperture of f1.70 at this focal length. Screen shot of the unprocessed image. Easy to see rectangles highlight the lens framing similar to the Leica M10 rangefinder. In this mode the camera chooses something in the foreground to focus on. Notice the F 1.4 bokeh is a little more creamy soft but both images are very pleasant. Shooting in snow is often a challenge. You can start to see the effect of the reduced resolution of digital zoom when cropping tightly. Removing anti-alias filter increases the sharpness and level of detail but at the same time, it increases the chance of moire occurring in certain scenes. Combined with the crop mode (you can use the crop mode in 35mm, 50mm, and 75mm)— you have so many more interesting new photo opportunities! Weight is another important factor especially when deciding on a camera that you want to carry with you all day. Q2, 100 ISO, f 8.0, 1.6 sec with tripod, WB as shot, 35mm digital zoom, Q2, 100 ISO, cropped tight to show detail, Q2, 3200 ISO, f 8.0, 1.6 sec with tripod, WB as shot, 35mm digital zoom, Q2, 3200 ISO, cropped tight to show detail, M10, ISO 100, f 9.5, 2.0 sec with tripod, WB as shot, 35mm Summilux, M10, 100 ISO, cropped tight to show detail, M10, ISO 3200, f 9.5, 1/12 sec with tripod, WB as shot, 35mm Summilux, M10, 3200 ISO, cropped tight to show detail. I am pleased with the night images from both cameras. Q2, ISO 1600, f 1.7, 1/50 sec, 28mm cropped to 35mm. But I definitely found it easier to use the Leica M10 because of the focus. But when the new Leica Q2 was announced it caught my attention. There was a time when the majority of compact cameras used 35mm film. Macro photography is possible with the Leica M10 using a $645 Macro Adapter. The Chinese retailer Jingdong is selling a new Leica Q2 red special edition camera to celebrate the Singles Day shopping event that will take place on November 11. The Leica Q2, which like its predecessor has an attached (i.e. Factors such as the optical elements, low pass filter, pixel size and sensor technology also affects the final resolution of the captured image. The Leica Q2 contains a built in Macro adapter which is easily accessible on the lens. The Leica Q2 is the second Leica Q camera and was introduced in 2019 with a new 47 megapixel full-frame CMOS sensor, the lens remains the same, and is a Leica Summilux 28mm f/1.7 ASPH. Macro photography is possible with the Leica M10 using a $645 Macro Adapter. Leica Q 24.2 Megapixel Digital 35 MM … Could the new Leica Q2 fill some needs that the Leica M10 missed? ISO 3200 Leica Q2 f1.7 1/50th The only real competition for the Q2 is the Sony RX1Rii, a 42mp camera announced in 2015 (only 4 or 5 months after the original Q). While every photographer has their own personal processing philosophy, I believe that digital darkroom is part of digital photography. I miss having it on the Leica Q2. Which means they were full-frame cameras. This comparison isn’t exactly fair, the advantage goes to the M10 with the 90mm lens but it is the best comparison I could do with my equipment. I will not give up my Leica M10. To see the effect of the increased resolution I cropped both images very tight of the Matterhorn summit to have an equivalent zoom. The camera is very responsive, turns on quickly and autofocus is locked instantaneously. 47 MP Rick has decades of photography experience. Here is a brief look at the main features of Leica Q2 and Leica Q before getting into our more detailed comparison. I use the Leica M10 enough that changing lenses, setting focus, and exposure in almost complete darkness is routine. So what’s the big deal about a full-frame sensor? The simple but deliberate AF lock is located on the focus ring. Notice you can see the ropes of the glider. Let’s crop just to the hang glider. The build quality and ergonomics are up to Leica standards. The final image is the result of both the camera and the darkroom processing. Therefore, it is the perfect camera to use when you want to minimize size and weight. It appears he had the exposure set on the candle or the light because the scene is very dark. On these 2 images I let Lightroom set white balance with “auto.” I increased clarity and contrast for both images to bring out the detail on the starry sky. On white balance, I usually set the camera to AWB and use “as shot” in Lightroom as a starting point. You can inspect the full resolution images here. It is still my favorite camera in the world. FREE Shipping. non-interchangeable) prime lens, features a sturdy splash/dustproof construction, 4K video, an all-new OLED viewfinder and an improved Maestro image signal processor that has a base of ISO 50. It's styled like a traditional Leica M rangefinder and brings a host of updates to the hugely popular original Leica Q (Typ 116) that was launched in 2015. It also now assumes the position as the highest-scoring Leica camera sensor, taking over from the Leica SL. Most of the images are compared using the 35mm or 75mm (digital zoom) from the Leica Q2 and the 35mm Summilux or the 90mm Summarit on my M10. The image quality in both images is simply stunning when you consider these are shot handheld and without a tripod. The Leica Q2 also takes videos but I am a photographer not a videographer so I did not test this feature. Camera overview; Leica S-System. You may have already made your decision about which camera suits better for your needs and your budget so far but in case you wonder how we rated Leica Q2 and Leica Q, below you can find their scores in five different aspects. Bee Orchid flower in Zagori, Greece. For the first images I used 50 ISO for the Q2 and 100 ISO for the M10 based on the testing data in the charts above. Leica Q2 and Leica Q have sensor sizes so they will provide same level of control over the depth of field when used with same focal length and aperture. I would manually set shutter speed, ISO, aperture while manually focusing. Q2, 28mm Lux, 35mm crop, ISO 100, f 8, 1/160 sec. To obtain a quote for your items, you can fill out our trade-in form here: Leica Trade … The adoption of the BP-SCL4 battery from the Leica SL boosts battery life by 30% over the original Leica Q, and its built-in rubber gasket further helps seal the Q2. The Q2 uses the same batteries of the Leica SL, the BP-SCL 4, and I was able to take pictures all day with my monitor always on with just one full charged battery. I used a tripod to take the Matterhorn images below. Cropped to 738x493 pixels trying to match the magnification of the 90mm crop. White balance was “as shot” with both images. On the other hand, please keep in mind that Max sensor resolution is not the only determinant of resolving power. Which means with macro mode on Leica Q2– you will be able to shoot more. The white balance for all images is “As shot.” The Leica M10 images use Lightroom’s “Leica M10” camera profile. ABONNEMENT À LEICA NEWS Abonnez-vous à Leica News. I used Lightroom to brighten up the image and pulled out a bit of detail from the shadows. In this review, we will be comparing Q2 and Q Typ 116, two Large Sensor Compact cameras by Leica. Q2, 28mm LUX cropped to 35mm, 100 ISO, f6.3, 1/2000 sec, M10, 35mm LUX, 100 ISO, f 6.3, 1/2000 sec. In a Tesla you can relax. The camera’s ease of use in manual mode is impressive. Buy the Leica Q2 Leica Q2 (Black) Buy from Amazon for $5,388.00; Buy from Adorama for $4,995.00; Buy from B&H Photo for $4,995.00; All Q2 Deals Review Excerpt. Leica Q2 and Leica Q features 28 mm F1.7 Prime lenses so they have the same focal reach and light collecting ability. It is the photographer’s job to make the final image. Another difference between these two cameras is that Leica Q2's sensor lacks anti-alias (Low-Pass) filter. He has used many DSLR cameras but now shoots almost exclusively with Leica M. Check out his reviews and thoughts on photography. Taken handheld with the Leica Q2 in Macro mode. Leica Q2 vs SL2. Both cameras offer a resolution of 46.7 megapixels. Both cameras feel natural and comfortable in my hands as I compose an image and release the shutter. Photography. In this comprehensive Leica Q2 review, we will cover the most important aspects of company's newest EVF, including key features, body and handling, performance and image quality. Still, I think the 3200 ISO performed quite well with both cameras. At night this proved difficult. But the 3200 ISO has a little more noise visible in the shadows. Leica Q2 Accept nothing but perfection. But what do these charts “really mean?” Can you see the noise? M10. Below you can see the Q2 and Q Typ 116 sensor size comparison. Notice you can see the ropes of the glider. During our European travels she enjoyed using the Leica Q2. Leica Q2's sensor provides 23MP more than Leica Q's sensor, which gives a significant advantage in real life. Image quality is a combination of resolution, color fidelity, dynamic range, and noise. The lens cap was knocked off more than once. This mode has some unpredictability on what the camera chooses to focus. For these comparison images I used “as shot” for most of them. These two images are both at 35mm. In this section, We are going to illustrate Leica Q2 and Leica Q side-by-side from the front, back and top in their relative dimensions. I wanted to see how both cameras perform. I love night photography. On the other hand, Leica Q has a 24.0MP Full frame (36 x 24 mm ) sized CMOS sensor and features Maestro II processor. Of the two cameras that we are comparing, Q2 has scored 96, 11 points higher than Q Typ 116. Most images in this review were taken handheld with both cameras. Below you can see the front view size comparison of Leica Q2 and Leica Q. Leica Q2 has the same height and width with Leica Q. A room in the Varlaam Monastery in the foreground with the Monastery of Metamorphisis in the background. Included are screenshots of the Lightroom settings for the photo for before and after processing. The Leica Q (Typ 116), released back in 2016, was a sleeper hit for Leica, when the famed camera company took a risk in introducing something as niche as a fixed-lens, full-frame camera. Here is the back view size comparison of Leica Q2 and Leica Q. Both cameras feature a high-resolution 3.68MP electronic viewfinder but the … Something that we never never did before. And of course, Cheryl easily uses the Q2 with great success. To change ISO you use the menu controls. Both cameras performed well. The website Photonstophotos provides interesting interactive charts to graphically represent the technical performance of the sensors for both noise and dynamic range. The single best feature of the Leica Q2 is simplicity. Here is a summary of how Leica Q2 and Leica Q scores compare: Leica Q2 has a higher Overall Score than the Leica Q and would be our choice if we have to decide between these two cameras.
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