on our Instagram page. Puff Daddy still lives life like he's inside a rap video. Instagram Handle: @Millionaire.Dream. From messages of positivity to cute graphics to their kawaii products, this brand knows how to succeed on Instagram. doesn’t post regularly, you’ll still find a whole bunch of delectable food art on her Instagram account. If you’re like me, your feed might be … Just how low budget? He's also got an uncanny ability to spot bizarre signs and labels; your life will be a little bit richer for being made aware of businesses like "The Flip Flop Stop" ("Because 'Crippling Depression Footwear' lacks the 'fun' touch," Oswalt writes). Need some inspiration for your Instagram account? These influencers, brands, and fanpages take their daily grams to a level so high you’d be out of breath trying to reach it. But also opens dialogues about serious issues like postpartum psychosis. And while her sales are not all from Instagram, her photos sure do help. The clothing line’s pictures use grayscale and antique filters to create a consistent tone among all their pictures. 5. If you’re an online retailer in the beauty niche, use Kylie Cosmetics as inspiration instead of just winging it. T. Swift's massively popular Instagram feed (33.2 million fans and counting!) Their hair extensions are shown in every picture, but they’re not showcased as product photos. Written by. Creating photos this way is a simple way to differentiate your photos from competitors in your niche. It gives a reason for people to follow you as there’s an expectation that you’ll continue to deliver the same type of content. .for the most part. But it’s not just about taking pictures or recording videos of your pet. The really clever thing about this Instagram account is that it’s one of the rare ideas that are absolutely made to go. We have Attitude Captions, Love Captions, Caption for Smile, Funny Instagram captions for … Market your products on the right platform and you could skyrocket your success. Nobody wants to see an endless wave of mattress pictures on Instagram. If you're ever in Los Angeles, Cosentino will probably convince you to stay there, because she seems like a genuinely solid hang. Russia. Good night." A backstage look at how the most consistently unpredictable comedy program of the past 40 years gets made, Saturday Night Live's Instagram offers a sometimes hilarious, often earnest look at every episode. Living a life that falls somewhere between a teenage boy's fantasy and that of a James Bond villain, Dan Bilzerian has attracted nearly 10 million Instagram followers by flaunting his wealthy bad-boy exploits. While Kylie Cosmetics doesn’t even make up 16% of her personal followers, her brand still made an astounding $900 million in under three years. They might not post new photos every day, but their photos still get thousands of likes. Beyond great images, they sometimes have the artist share a story detailing how the painting came to life. London-born Niki Brantmark is an author and Scandinavian home guru living in Sweden. @miserable_men brilliantly crowdsources every such excruciating moment. If you guessed that Steve Yeun, a.k.a. The clothing line’s pictures use grayscale and antique filters to create a consistent tone among all their pictures. Doubled up contact lenses, iridescent face shimmer, obscure facial piercings, heads shaved to look like … While product photos can often come across as salesy, Kawaii products are naturally Instagram-ready making it the greatest place to market this brand. Thanks to posts that occasionally border on being as surreal as her paintings and lyrics, it's never dull. . The drummer for Superchunk, Bob Mould and Mountain Goats has a side gig as one-half of the comedy duo Scharpling & Wurster, and much like brilliant absurdist bits he's perfected with his partner on the radio program/podcast The Best Show, Wurster's feed is wonderfully nonsensical and silly (with just a wee bit of toilet humor — literally). If you don’t have the photography skills to take your own photos, you can use Repost, an app that allows you to repost other people’s photographs and credit the source as long as you have permission. Want proof that Kanye is not only human, but also a fallible human? Her photos maintain a consistent feel to them and often only offer a glimpse of an object – a trademark of her minimalist style. The best Instagram accounts to follow if you love space. While product photos can often come across as salesy, Kawaii products are naturally Instagram-ready making it the greatest place to market this brand. As much as we enjoy being inspired, titillated and amused by Instagram, there are some times when we just want one thing: cute animal photos, and lots of them. Kylie Jenner might only be 22 years old but she owns two of the best Instagram accounts: . Meet Baddie Winkle. And a surprising number of men fully reclining on mall benches, staring up at their smartphones — perhaps checking out their fellow miserable men on Instagram. Instagram accounts like ToyShades show that you can literally show off your product in every picture without being too shady. Freedman bills it as a "tasteful photo project," which translates to less frat-boy id-fulfilling fantasies and more goofy celebration of everyone's favorite food. Their Instagram captions also tell mini stories about the person in the portrait to give you the full picture about the portrait. Adorable. They’re lean, mean, Instagramming machines. The art, meanwhile, lives up to the artist's name, and no play on words is too crass for this masked parodist. Give Me All the Inspo! Instagram isn’t only for adults, it’s for kids too! It’s not just that they create awesome desserts, it’s that they take photos that literally make you salivate. Clean, crisp, and white. She’s built up her friends by promoting their work. If you’re just getting started with Instagram, you can learn a lot about how to take Instagram photos just by browsing the ones on Common Deer’s page. Sleep tight! In between expressing her aesthetic and being a popular musician, Smith peppers her extraordinary feed with some ordinary reminders that she's still a 14-year-old kid who loves to hang out with her friends and 16-year-old brother Jaden when she's not taking over the world. Here are 25 anti-racist and Black Lives Matter Instagram accounts to follow if you're looking to hear more from activists, leaders and writers in the wake of George Floyd's death. Her real friends get repeated love while her real love, Wavves' Nathan Williams, is kept pretty discreet. uses food to create cute kid-friendly designs. His most oddball pursuit, heavily chronicled in his feed, is something he calls the Neighbourhood Watch Project, in which Lamb refaces "This Community Protected" municipal signs in downtown Toronto with images of the Fonz, Mr. Rogers, the cast of Police Academy and He-Man, among others.
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